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Amid changing US religious landscape, Christians ‘decline sharply’ as unaffiliated rise. But born-again believers aren't to blame.

Those who found religion were most likely to become Jehovah's Witnesses (12%), with the rest evenly spread among other religions: Buddhists (8%), Mormons (8%), evangelicals (7

But few Americans want ministries like InterVarsity punished for sticking to convictions.

and universities. But the dispute over the faith requirements for leaders of groups like InterVarsity—or groups from other religions—goes too far, he said.

(UPDATED) Scores of deaths will likely revive burial debate. Disaster delays religious freedoms of new constitution.

These further delays will be a disappointment to the country's Christians and other minority religions hopeful that the new constitution will guarantee them equal rights and religious

Bronx Household of Faith gets bad news before Easter Sunday.

are able to use space in City schools on the same terms provided to other groups.". A Journey Through NYC Religions partnered with Colgate University to survey NYC passersby if they

(UPDATED) Christian leader: In light of 'barbaric record with the captured, the destiny of these families is a major concern to us.'

CT has examined why ISIS must be stopped (no special pleading on behalf of Christians required), and whether Islam encourages violence more than other religions.].

Offering to take 100 lashes each, 7 of 9 USCIRF commissioners 'would rather share in' blogger's punishment than 'watch him being cruelly tortured.'

the liberty to criticize religion, particular religions, schools of thought within religions, and religious figures a virtue honored in Islam as well as in Christianity, Judaism, and other faiths, is

(UPDATED) Bill de Blasio campaigned on the promise of letting churches rent school space. Now he’s asking the Supreme Court to prohibit it.

Christian clergy to offer opening prayers because few other clergy of a different religion live in the area," wrote Tony Carnes, editor of A Journey Through NYC Religions, in breaking the

(UPDATED) Warren turns Vatican conference into 'revivalist meeting,' while Moore explains why marriage crosses theological boundaries.

Two other Anglican leaders—the United Kingdom's Michael Nazir-Ali and Nigeria's Nicholas Okoh Colloquium is a gathering of leaders and scholars from many religions across the

Supreme Court appeal likely to delay outcome for 3 more years

“In the process of administration of justice we need to be 'secular,'" one judge responded. “Pakistan being a Muslim majority nation, where Christians and those of other religions are a

New Pew survey examines who says yes and no.

Does Islam Encourage Violence More Than Other Religions? New Pew survey examines who says yes and no. Morgan Lee. [ posted 9/12/2014 02:11PM

(UPDATED) Historic community comes to 'a real end' after ISIS ultimatum tells Christians to convert, pay tax, or die.

Daily Beast reports that ISIS leaders finance their campaigns by selling looted antiquities on the black market, so many historic artifacts from Christianity and other religions will likely

The Persian Gulf island has had a Christian presence for over a century.

and migrant workers from the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and other countries. worship in private in Saudi Arabia, but Bahrain is more accepting of different religions.

As states overturn gay marriage bans, the "blue state thing" is turning less partisan.

Image: Courtesy of Pew Research Center. The Pew Research Center recently released a report on where Christian churches and other religions stand on gay marriage.

Husband and wife agree to reimburse church after using funds 'as their personal bank.'

in New York in 1907" (according to A Journey Through NYC Religions), became instrumental in that they had used to build a farmhouse in New Jersey among other personal expenses.

New political party in new state takes stand for lowest caste, while court fight for more rights remains stalled.

"With this election, there will be certainly a change in the attitude of other political parties living all over the country, speaking a variety of languages and practicing numerous religions.

(UPDATED) Requiring nonsectarian prayers to a 'generic god' would be more problematic than allowing sectarian ones, Kennedy argues.

nonsectarian prayer. Phrases like "Lord of Lords," Kennedy points out, might seem ecumenical to many Christians but exclusive to practitioners of other religions.

More than 150 churches once rented space in New York schools. But legal saga continues.

injunction against the policy, which she issued because it discriminated "between those religions that fit door to religious worship services in such a setting when every other activity is

Brunei expands Malaysia’s ban on ‘Allah', long used by local Christians, to other Islamic words other religions can no longer use.

Brunei expands Malaysia's ban on 'Allah', long used by local Christians, to other Islamic words other religions can no longer use. Muslim Nation Bans

Debate over Christians' right to refer to God as 'Allah' results in first-ever raid.

While Article 11(4) of the Constitution allows state and federal laws to control or restrict the propagation of other religions among Muslims, this does not affect one's rights to manage and

National Jurist offers new ranking on behalf of Protestant and Catholic students, as well as Mormons, Jews, and Muslims.

this question in attempting to identify the best law schools for "devout" students of major religions. faculty who belong to the faith; Number of religion-focused courses and other ways the

Displaying 1–20 of 88 articles
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