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More than 150 churches once rented space in New York schools. But legal saga continues.

injunction against the policy, which she issued because it discriminated "between those religions that fit door to religious worship services in such a setting when every other activity is

Brunei expands Malaysia’s ban on ‘Allah', long used by local Christians, to other Islamic words other religions can no longer use.

Brunei expands Malaysia's ban on 'Allah', long used by local Christians, to other Islamic words other religions can no longer use. Christianity Today: Our Ministry ChristianityToday.org.

National Jurist offers new ranking on behalf of Protestant and Catholic students, as well as Mormons, Jews, and Muslims.

this question in attempting to identify the best law schools for "devout" students of major religions. faculty who belong to the faith; Number of religion-focused courses and other ways the

Debate over Christians' right to refer to God as 'Allah' results in first-ever raid.

While Article 11(4) of the Constitution allows state and federal laws to control or restrict the propagation of other religions among Muslims, this does not affect one's rights to manage and

(UPDATED) Longstanding IRS exemption—last revised after Rick Warren dispute in 2002—currently saves pastors and other clergy $700 million per year.

(UPDATED) Longstanding IRS exemption—last revised after Rick Warren dispute in 2002—currently saves pastors and other clergy $700 "The allowance is neutral to all religions.

(UPDATED) Supreme Court today hears oral arguments in Greece v. Galloway, historic legislative prayer case.

behalf of the town. Galloway and Stephens believe these prayers are "coercive" and exclude other religions and non-believers. In 2008, the Greece Town

Surprising stats on how many non-Christians worldwide have Christian friends.

atheists and agnostics are far more likely to have Christian friends than adherents of other religious traditions. Such contact varied widely among the world's countries and religions.

(Updated) USCIRF's new list of religious freedom violators has familiar names, but contrasts with other lists.

But where USCIRF sees opportunity to prevent conditions from worsening, other groups such the World Watch List, USCIRF's list reviews persecution against all religions, and includes

LifeWay Research releases latest results of 'largest discipleship study of its kind.'

those surveyed disagreed with traditional Christian doctrine, saying instead that a person who is "sincerely seeking God … can obtain eternal life through religions other than Christianity

(UPDATED) LCMS president reelected despite prayer vigil controversy after Sandy Hook massacre.

website, citing the disclaimer "that no clergy member present was endorsing the religions of others we had sex we each claimed that this had no bearing on any other physical relation

Ed Stetzer lends his 'facts are our friends' perspective to the Applebee's pastor tip debate.

and found the following: 1) Jews and "those with no religion" tip more (on average) than Christians or members of other religions. 2) The vast majority

(UPDATED) ECHR judges dismisses high-profile appeals of three Christians who lost their religious workers' rights cases in January.

director of the European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ), "The Section only found a violation in the case of Eweida because other employees of other religions were allowed to wear

Mali, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Niger make debuts on Open Doors's 2013 World Watch List.

Other monitors of reglious freedom have documented a similar global pattern. A increased. The Pew forum is concerned with all religions, not only Christianity.

Decision revives debate: Should churches lend worship space to other religions?

Decision revives debate: Should churches lend worship space to other religions? CT has previously examined whether churches should lend worship space to other religions.

Religious bias had outnumbered sexual-orientation bias since at least 1995.

were anti-Protestant; and 4 were anti-Atheist or Agnostic. Fully 130, however, involved bias against other religions," including Sikhism and Hinduism.

(UPDATED) The unanimously approved law will criminalize religious insults with up to three years in prison.

But other countries are strengthening them. In Europe, 8 out of 45 countries have laws against blasphemy, and 36 countries have laws against defamation of religions, according to the

(Updated) Preventative measure' intended to support constitutional mandate that 'religion shall remain above politics.'

Formally, Bhutan guarantees religious freedom to its citizens, but anti-conversion laws and policies banning religions other than Buddhism have been on the rise since 2010, making it

"Innocence of Muslims" film sparks violence against U.S. embassies.

The World Evangelical Alliance condemned the video. "We completely denounce the practice of Insulting and slandering adherents of other religions or their founders.

Parliamentarians in Iraq's Kurdish region hope to end religious violence by banning insults to what "all religions" have in common: "God, the prophets, holy books."

What it does prohibit –- insulting God, the prophets, holy books –- is common to all religions. This law prohibits Muslims from insulting Christians, Yazidi or other religious minorities, too

(UPDATED) A new campaign is raising questions about advocacy in an attempt to get the head of the Lord's Resistance Army arrested.

Kony in a 2006 cover story on why Ugandan children were killing each other in the Any resemblance to these religions is superficial: While the army observes rituals such as praying the

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