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More than 100 witnesses come forward detailing 'unspeakable brutality.'

IGE is administering Cradle programs and said that more than $1 million from 1,000 donors provided aid to 72,000 displaced people in Iraq, Syrian, Lebanon, and Jordan.

Indiana draws criticism while Utah draws praise in latest attempts to balance religious and gay rights.

In contrast, last week—in an unprecedented compromise—Utah passed two bills: one banning discrimination against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender people; and on

'I could have never known that we would be sitting here together,' said Perkins to fellow Mississippi native.

"If people think this is simply a social issue or simply a political issue, then they will assume that that's not the sort of the we need to talk about within the church, that it's something that

(UPDATED) LifeWay responds to Southern Baptist resolution on 'the sufficiency of Scripture regarding the afterlife.'

"I'm an ordinary man with an extraordinary story," Piper said according to the news release. "I want people to see hope in their challenges, to see that pain can come with purpose.".

(UPDATE) Former Mars Hill spokesperson sold Resurgence mailing list without permission.

“Most of these people would be people who “I can't speak for everyone in Twitterland, but dozens of people I know and love here in Seattle were deeply hurt by the email,” he tweeted.

If Christian broadcaster Stendal goes on trial in Colombia, missions work nationwide may be at risk.

“We trust the judicial system of Colombia. We see that the Colombian government has worked to bring peace to its people, and we appreciate that.”. Colombia

BGEA chaplains revisit Ferguson, while Christians debate obedience vs. reconciliation.

The Bible, he said, tells people to submit to those in authority and that includes the police. “It's as simple as that,” he wrote. About 4,500 people have endorsed the letter so far.

An unlikely friendship joins Christian efforts to battle high-interest loans.

"We strongly admonish those who are engaged in the practice of predatory payday lending to consider the great damage they are causing in the lives of vulnerable people and to adopt

Majority of presbyteries vote to no longer limit marriage to a man and a woman.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) will now define marriage as a "unique commitment between two people," rather than a lifelong covenant between a man and a woman as an act of

Ten-year-old girl from Mosul becomes Christian broadcaster SAT-7’s most-watched interview ever.

Jayson Casper in Cairo. [ posted 3/17/2015 10:44AM ]. SAT-7. More than 1 million people have viewed Myriam's forgiveness of ISIS. 0; 263; share; email; print.

Taliban-linked killings provoke unusually violent reaction by Christian minority.

government to “learn the lessons" from the last time twin suicide bombers targeted a church: 2013's high-profile attack on Peshawar's All Saints Church, in which 180 people were killed

Inspired by Vanier, Henri Nouwen wrote his last book about Toronto’s L’Arche community.

Jean Vanier, who in 1964 founded the first L'Arche community for people with and without intellectual disabilities, has been awarded the Templeton Prize, valued at $1.7 million.

Christians are divided over whether immigrants are drain on resources or an opportunity to share Jesus.

secure the national borders. They also want to protect the unity of immigrant families (72%) and to respect people's God-given dignity (82%). More than two

Barnabas Aid defends its work as 'much bigger than one man' after jury rules Patrick Sookhdeo groped employee and intimidated witnesses.

"The work of the Fund is strong, and we want to say to people: We continue to support the suffering church," Dobbs told CT. "That really is the big story.".

(UPDATED) Christian leader: In light of 'barbaric record with the captured, the destiny of these families is a major concern to us.'

St. Mary's Church in Hassaka was “overloaded with the people” on Monday evening, until most were dispersed to local Christian homes in the city. As

Author of seven books, she supported orientation change for gays and lesbians.

“Besides demonstrating it theologically, she ministered it effectively in the lives of many wounded souls. She taught numerous people to minister 'inner healing' in their local churches.

(UPDATED) Here's what 409,000 people pledged to fast from for the next 40 days.

Twitter Reveals Top 100 Ideas of 2015. (UPDATED) Here's what 409,000 people pledged to fast from for the next 40 days. Diets. One thing people don't give up: Bible verses.

Former congressman offers six-point plan. But killing continues as ISIL-linked terrorists behead 21 Christians in Libya.

House spokesman Josh Earnest said, “This wanton killing of innocents is just the most recent of the many vicious acts perpetrated by ISIL-affiliated terrorists against the people of the

Barna survey examines how Protestant senior pastors use the internet today.

Today 47 percent agree that at least some people will experience their faith exclusively through the internet within the coming decade. Is the prospect a problem?

CEO: 'We have carefully and prayerfully considered every option.'

the sale, we can begin to reinvest in our stores and bring our customers products and services that will help us better fulfill our mission—to glorify God by helping people find, grow

Displaying 1–20 of 1000 articles
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