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On Thanksgiving, he once wrote, 'I am thankful for cancer. James 1:2-3... Life is richer, trust is stronger and relationships are deeper.'

Died: R. Judson Carlberg, Christian Higher Ed Leader, Biologos Chair. On Thanksgiving, he once wrote, 'I am thankful for cancer. James 1:2-3... Life

(UPDATED) Reactions from Sam Rodriguez, Russell Moore, Jenny Yang, Noel Castellanos on Obama's motive vs. method.

immigrants. It is one piece of our commitment to opportunity for all people.". reform. Most say it's the government's job to stop people from entering the country illegally.

(UPDATED) Warren turns Vatican conference into 'revivalist meeting,' while Moore explains why marriage crosses theological boundaries.

healthy marriages Develop small group courses to support marriage Engage every media to promote marriage Face attackers with joy and winsomeness Give people confidence Teach

After TV exposé, attorney general seeks ways to rein in fake pastors.

“We call on all Christians to support us and stand with us,” he said. “When it comes to matters of faith, people are willing to die for the faith and we will stand firm with the church.”.

'Francis effect' may yet materialize. But for now, Catholics have hit record low across 19 nations and territories.

Catholics. The trend holds true across "people of all ages and socioeconomic levels," but in most countries, pluralities converted before the age of 25.

(UPDATED) After 50 years, effort to train next generation of Christian authors comes to an end.

In March 2013, Jenkins told CT he wanted to "help people realize their dream of publication without contributing to the spate low quality self-publishing.".

Samuel Rodriguez says ORU alum 'breathed, lived, and died expanding the kingdom of God.'

All nine people on board died, including Bahamas Faith Ministries International's senior vice president and pastor, Richard Pinder, and Munroe's wife, Ruth, according to CNN and ABC.

(UPDATED) Bae: 'Thank you ... for lifting me up and not forgetting me.'

you.". “He still has a tremendous heart for the people of North Korea,” Bae's sister, Terri Chung, told reporters outside her Seattle church, Quest Church.

Get ready for a Supreme Court showdown after Sixth Circuit says two judges shouldn't make a decision for 32 million citizens.

Sutton noted: When the courts do not let the people resolve new social issues like this one, they perpetuate the idea that the heroes in these change events are judges and lawyers.

(UPDATED) Prime minister pledges justice after mob kills pregnant wife and husband.

contained," said Parveen Bibi. "A few people recognized partially burned pages in the ash and raised a cry that Shama had burned the Qur'an.". The brick kiln's

Come New Year's Day, 13 churches will go their separate ways or shut down.

in personal relationships—which he himself has confessed repeatedly—was obvious to many from the earliest days, and he has definitely now disillusioned quite a lot of people.”.

National debate over religious freedom prompts withdrawal.

intimidation. As a part of a national campaign against the subpoenas, people have been sending Mayor Parker hundreds of sermon notes and Bibles.

Powerhouse TV Christian couple partner with Muslim king to address 'crisis in the cradle of Christianity.'

Rwanda genocide. The United Nations reports 800,000 people urgently need shelter and 2.8 million urgently need food. Image: Courtesy of IGE. Members

'Philosophical differences over leadership approach' cited as why Council for Christian Colleges and Universities and Edward O. Blews Jr. 'parted ways.'

CCCU Settles Lawsuit with Fired Former President. 'Philosophical differences over leadership approach' cited as why Council for Christian Colleges

School says "period of discernment" focused on pastoral response, not changing conduct policy.

outcomes, to ensure that the College's policies and processes are non-discriminatory and that it ensures its ability to foster an atmosphere that respects and supports people of diverse

Research reveals top topics and how often people say prayers are answered.

What Americans Pray For and Against (Per Max Lucado's LifeWay Survey). Research reveals top topics and how often people say prayers are answered.

(UPDATED) Children reportedly divided on allegations over who should control megachurch pastor's sermons.

The man who had been "Papa Chuck" to thousands of young people, consistently taught through the Bible year after year, led many people to the Christian faith, and sustained them in

Megachurch pastor's unauthorized appearance in Jeezy’s 'Holy Ghost' remix is latest debate over intellectual property rights of pastors.

TD Jakes Threatens To Sue Rappers for Sampling His Sermon. Megachurch pastor's unauthorized appearance in Jeezy's 'Holy Ghost' remix is latest

Carl Moeller, formerly of Open Doors USA and Saddleback Church, turns his attention to Biblica.

“[Moeller's] unique combination of global experience, organizational leadership, and ministry mindedness is exactly what we need as we help millions of people around the world

Meanwhile, Indian Christians prepare to protest persecution surge from prime minister's first 100 days in office.

An entire extended family (some 70 people) appears to have reconverted from Christianity to Hinduism, with their story being used to intimidate others.

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