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Sydney megachurch pastor communicated with Andrew Chan 'almost every day.'

Indonesia Executes Drug Smuggler Whose Faith Inspired Hillsong's Brian Houston. Sydney megachurch pastor communicated with Andrew Chan 'almost

Good Samaritans fight attempts to ban food-sharing programs.

“Our goal was a very practical one: We have a set of clients who, for religious reasons, feel it's very important to meet homeless people outside and provide them with food,” Jeremy

Sister Diana Momeka’s visit is scrubbed due to refugee status.

Iraqi Christian Leader Denied US Visa. Sister Diana Momeka's visit is scrubbed due to refugee status. Timothy C. Morgan. [ posted 4/30/2015 02:48PM

Christian law professor calls for federal international mandated reporting law.

Catching American Sex Offenders Overseas. Christian law professor calls for federal international mandated reporting law. Timothy C. Morgan. [ posted

Federal agency calls for US to resettle at least 100,000 refugees per year.

More than 13 million people worldwide have fled conflicts and crises in which religion has been a key factor, according to the 2015 report from the US Commission on International

(UPDATED) Scores of deaths will likely revive burial debate. Disaster delays religious freedoms of new constitution.

avalanche. With more than 4,000 people dead from Nepal's worst earthquake since 1934, the tragedy will likely revive an ongoing debate over burial rituals.

Televised prayers at Yerevan memorial cap an unprecedented effort at forgiveness.

How could Turks, of all people, come to Armenia to honor the memory of more than a million Armenian Christians who had been slaughtered 100 years ago by their own forefathers, the

Conservatives announce alternative to Mennonite Church USA: Evana.

congregations. “Lacking a clear path forward [in MC USA] led a lot of people to say, 'OK, where is the hope for renewal within the church?'” Hamsher said.

Concerns over theology and politics lead likely presidential candidate to back out of major Southern Baptist conference.

Baptist Pastors Won't Hear Ben Carson after Young Pastors Object. Concerns over theology and politics lead likely presidential candidate to back out

Propaganda video released the same day Justin Welby arrives in Cairo to honor previous 21 victims.

trustworthy.”. Ethiopia is Africa's second most-populated country, and approximately two-thirds of its 90 million people are Christians, notes AsiaNews.

Michael Card, Twila Paris, and other stars of contemporary Christian music pay tribute to Sparrow Records founder.

“He was a giant of a person; he had so much impact and influence on people in his life and his work. His legacy is going to continue to inspire people for years and years to come.".

LifeWay looks at how many support legal same-sex unions they view as sinful.

LifeWay found that 70 percent of evangelicals without gay or lesbian friends believe that “sex between people of the same gender is sinful, regardless of its legality,” while 62 percent of

Few Crimean religious groups recognized under Russian rule.

“However, they cannot enjoy the rights that legal entities have, including to enter into contracts to rent property, employ people or invite foreigners for religious activity.”.

Progesterone dose reverses mifepristone effects. Critics dismiss it as ‘junk science.’

Her son, Elijah Gabriel, is now four months old. “People don't know about [abortion pill reversal]. People I went to nursing school with had not heard about it.”. But that's changing.

Israeli lawyers help family of man once rooted for by Obama.

A federal district court in Washington, DC, ordered the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to pay $330 million in damages to the family of Kim Dong Shik, a Presbyterian pastor

(UPDATED) President puts Tom Oord's termination on hold after three-quarters of faculty vote 'no confidence.'

The vote was an accumulation of missed opportunities for engagement and the collegial respect that grows from times where people work together for the common good.

ABS study find only 1 in 7 read Good Book daily.

So why don't people read those Bibles more often? While most Americans (98 percent) say they have access to a Bible, that's not true for people in other countries.

Surge in pro-life legislation in states enters fifth year.

A YouGov.com survey released on April 8 indicated that 66 percent of the Americans who responded to the survey believe that "fetuses in the womb are people" and 52 percent believe

Christian leaders respond to video of Walter Scott shooting.

"We as Christians must continue our fight to honor the image of God in all people.". He referenced his comments about obeying the police, and called people to pray for Scott's family.

80 leaders sign letter. Pope Francis critical of weak response to ‘unacceptable crimes.’

About 500,000 people fled the city at the time. There are violent extremists who are manipulating their religion to validate violence against innocent people from Nigeria to Central Asia.”.

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