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(UPDATED) Christian leader: In light of 'barbaric record with the captured, the destiny of these families is a major concern to us.'

While some in the community cheered after Saddam Hussein was overthrown (despite Iraq's relative religious lenience toward Christians), many were eventually forced to flee and

Former congressman offers six-point plan. But killing continues as ISIL-linked terrorists behead 21 Christians in Libya.

The retired Virginia congressman recently co-founded the 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative and accepted an appointment to a newly endowed chair for religious freedom at Baylor

'This decision isn’t about whether LGBT equality rights are more or less important than the religious freedoms of evangelical Christians.'

Banning Gay Sex. 'This decision isn't about whether LGBT equality rights are more or less important than the religious freedoms of evangelical Christians.'.

Offering to take 100 lashes each, 7 of 9 USCIRF commissioners 'would rather share in' blogger's punishment than 'watch him being cruelly tortured.'

to flog a dissident blogger 50 times on a weekly basis for the next five months, seven of the nine members of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) have

(UPDATED) Bill de Blasio campaigned on the promise of letting churches rent school space. Now he’s asking the Supreme Court to prohibit it.

by constitutional rules forbidding express discrimination against religious expression and policy cannot withstand constitutional scrutiny,” Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Jordan

Abedini's 6-year-old son asks President of the United States: 'Please bring daddy home' by March birthday.

State of the Union address, President Barack Obama met in person with Naghmeh Abedini, an Idaho mother who has spent more than two years advocating for the freedom of her

'No religion is an island,' says Becket Fund after successfully defending Muslim prisoner.

the state's Department of Corrections argued. Its lack of accommodations was ruled a violation of inmates' religious freedom. “No religion is an island.

Call-to-prayer controversy at university chapel prompts debate over sharing sacred space.

Curtis Freeman, a research professor at Duke Divinity School, told Baptist News Global that he saw the situation as an issue of religious freedom that “Baptists would want to uphold.”.

Galatians 5 versus 1 Corinthians 14: Mayor critiques Kelvin Cochran's publishing of his religious views on homosexuality.

religious beliefs are not the issue.”. Southern Baptists in Georgia are calling on the city to reinstate Cochran, saying the dispute infringes on his First Amendment rights to freedom of

Open Doors says 2014 saw the worst persecution of Christians in the 'modern era'—but not because of violence.

New research reveals one more reason to remember 2014: for the greatest number of religious freedom violations against Christians worldwide in recent memory—even in Christian

World Vision's reversal, Kay Warren on son's suicide, 33 Christian leaders under 33, and more.

The Top 20 Most-Read Christianity Today Articles of 2014. World Vision's reversal, Kay Warren on son's suicide, 33 Christian leaders under 33, and more.

Here are the Christian conversion stories that CT readers shared most.

The Top 10 Testimonies of 2014. Here are the Christian conversion stories that CT readers shared most. Joshua Wood. [ posted 12/29/2014 10:30AM ]. 0; 111; share; email; print.

Did you catch all the religion news that CT readers found most interesting this year?

National debate over religious freedom prompts withdrawal. 18) CJ Mahaney, Joshua Harris Resign from Gospel Coalition after SGM Abuse Conviction.

(UPDATED) Hindu nationalists refuse to back down on Christian and Muslim re-conversions, dub India a 'Hindu nation.'

details. The RSS has made calls for a single-faith country and is behind many of recent attacks against Christians, claim religious freedom watchdogs. Of

US Senate confirms influential rabbi, David N. Saperstein, to fill vacant office.

Christian Advocates Approve of First Non-Christian Ambassador of Religious Freedom. CT has also noted what international religious freedom groups think of the State Department vs.

US Army reviews nationwide policy for ROTC profs, who are paid by military but work as full-time faculty.

According to a Fox News report, the Army stated its system-wide review is unrelated to legal threats from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF).

After TV exposé, attorney general seeks ways to rein in fake pastors.

Prompted by news coverage of alleged illegal activity by pastors promising miracles, Kenya's attorney general has banned new religious organizations from registering as the East

But question remains: Will IRS agree with DOJ that atheists count as 'ministers of the gospel'?

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) challenged the law last year in Wisconsin, and violates the First Amendment because it provides “a benefit to religious persons and no

(UPDATED) Bae: 'Thank you ... for lifting me up and not forgetting me.'

Tomorrow is the second of two Sundays marking this year's IDOP, organized by the World Evangelical Alliance's Religious Liberty Commission and supported by Barnabas Aid.

(UPDATED) Prime minister pledges justice after mob kills pregnant wife and husband.

“The Pakistani state has to act proactively to protect its minorities from violence and injustice. We must promote religious and ethnic diversity in our society as a virtue.”.

Displaying 1–20 of 556 articles
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