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At NHCLC convention, Jeb Bush gets more applause on Zionism than immigration or Spanish.
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Many Hispanic Americans side with Palestinians because they care about justice and the of the NHCLC's work includes its advocacy on immigration reform, social services, and

Christian leaders respond to video of Walter Scott shooting.

acknowledged social injustice as 'simple' reveals your lack of empathy and understanding of the depth of sin that some in the body have suffered under the weight of our broken justice

BGEA chaplains revisit Ferguson, while Christians debate obedience vs. reconciliation.

acknowledged social injustice as 'simple' reveals your lack of empathy and understanding of the depth of sin that some in the body have suffered under the weight of our broken justice

Taliban-linked killings provoke unusually violent reaction by Christian minority.

police task force to “eradicate” what one member of parliament described as a “social evil that Saleh Diego, director of the National Commission for Justice and Peace, told The Express

(UPDATED) IS releases video reportedly showing execution of Japanese believer.

Christians joined the #PrayforKenji and #IamKenji social media campaigns to bring greater public pressure for his release. He said Goto “has a strong sense of justice . . .

'Heavy-hearted' but 'incredibly proud,' advocacy group plans to shutter most operations by end of 2015.

The video also garnered criticism over its approach to social justice. Responding to similar criticism in 2010, Russell argued that there's value in “trendy” social justice.

Evangelicals divide over the death penalty, but leaders agree on the unusual case of Scott Panetti.

illness, this is it,” says the letter, whose other signatories include author Brian McLaren, Billy Graham Center prison ministry director Karen Swanson, Evangelicals for Social Action co

Get ready for a Supreme Court showdown after Sixth Circuit says two judges shouldn't make a decision for 32 million citizens.

in a court system but as fellow citizens seeking to resolve a new social issue in a Many experts, including an active justice on the Supreme Court, are saying the Sixth Circuit's decision

(UPDATED) Prime minister pledges justice after mob kills pregnant wife and husband.

justice” comes five months after Pakistan's Supreme Court in June ordered the creation of a police task force to “eradicate” what one member of parliament described as a “social evil

On eve of seventh Sunday protest, here's what surveys suggest Americans think.

believe that churches (and other houses of worship) should express their views on social and political In a June letter, the tax agency told the US Department of Justice that 99 churches

Findings from significant study of religion and race in America inform debate over reactions to Michael Brown's death.

“The facts are still being debated, and I am hopeful that justice will take to do more than "attend an MLK service or a Ferguson vigil" or "add people of color to your social media lists

(UPDATED) After death of 15-year-old Braxton Caner, the online Christian watchdog world assesses whether one of its own went too far.

own strength and not solely on the Spirit in my earnest desire to see justice prevail. for Brewton-Parker College, Peter Lumpkins, responded that it was "time to stop social media abusers

(UPDATED) But Israeli Baptist leader says most Arab Christians will refuse unprecedented offer of special minority representation.

its own representative alongside representatives for ultra-orthodox Jews, new immigrants, women, and other religious and social groups, according "[This bill] makes justice for Christian

After 88 die in protests, Ukrainian evangelicals call nation "to learn to love yesterday's enemies."

In order to unite the nation, in order to reconcile its various parts, its various social, cultural, and political groups, laws and justice are not enough. Without

(UPDATED) Sam Childers tells TV station: Agents 'totally destroyed' orphanage supplies, but he's 'got nothing to hide.'

11, 2014): Sam Childers, the first American recipient of a Mother Teresa social justice award for his East Africa exploits as the "Machine Gun Preacher," is now under a federal

For its 41st year, pro-life rally implements significant changes. Meanwhile, groups release recaps of how abortion changed in 2013.

Abortion Meets a New Generation Progressive evangelicals can't tout social justice while side-stepping the sanctity of life. Were the Church Fathers Consistently Pro-Life?

Among 'born-again' Christians, Barna finds divide between theory and practice differs by demographic.

Despite worries that millennials have given up on Christianity, or that they're too focused on social justice campaigns, young adults are sharing their faith the most frequently.

(UPDATED) The ‘worst crisis most people have never heard of’ develops a new fault line: religion. Bangui fighting kills between 400 and 1,000 people.

destruction of the economic and social infrastructure. For this purpose, it is important to proceed with: - The rehabilitation of judicial institutions, - The development of transitional justice:

Controversial Sam Childers becomes first American to join ranks of Malala Yousafzai and the Dalai Lama.

On Sunday, Sam Childers became the first American to receive the Mother Teresa Memorial International Award for Social Justice. The Mumbai-based

Pioneer of biblical investing will take aim at unexpected target during Values Voter Summit.

"The Emerging Church was founded to get the evangelical church to take art, social justice and other what might be considered progressive issues more seriously.

Displaying 1–20 of 116 articles
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