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Saints facing single-elimination in Lent Madness tournament include many names evangelicals will recognize.

Or rather, Lent Madness. Launched in 2010 by a Massachusetts pastor, Tim Schenck, the bracket offers a unique Lenten devotion that combines his love for church history and sports.

(UPDATED) Barna breaks down which Americans are celebrating this year, while Stephen Smith tracks what 100,000+ Twitter users are pledging in real-time.

10. generic, 1,208. 11. religion, 1,149. 12. entertainment, 929. 13. weather, 609. 14. shopping, 466. 15. sports, 205. 16. money, 193. 17. celebrity, 175. 18. clothes, 171. 19. habit, 155. 20.

Russians returning in droves to Christianity (though not to church), according to new Pew research.

About 20 International Sports Chaplains are walking through the crowds, sharing pins that represent the story of Jesus (and drawing NPR's attention).

Some recent stats on religiosity and athletics.

Bowl? Sports Fans Split on Prosperity Gospel. there. Football fans are more likely than other sports fans to say they pray to God (33 percent versus 21 percent).

(UPDATED) What research suggests about Sunday's massive outreach effort by 21,200 churches.

25% in 2003). Among other stories on trends in church attendance, CT recently noted another reason that Americans don't attend church: children's sports.

CrossFit champ’s path to victory started with Galatians tattoo.

CT has previously discussed the role of Christians in sports, such as Nik Wallenda, who crossed the Grand Canyon on a tightrope, or outfielder Josh Hamilton, who recently

Josh Hamilton 'turns the other cheek' in lawsuit from Christian sports-apparel start-up over shared slogan.

Josh Hamilton 'turns the other cheek' in lawsuit from Christian sports-apparel start-up over shared slogan. Christianity Today: Our Ministry ChristianityToday.org.

Thousands of British schools could have new, Church of England-appointed leadership

2000. Such academies are already privately sponsored by businesses, individuals, and even sports teams, according to Religion News Service. Now

(UPDATED) Church cooperation leads to uncertainty over new Falcons stadium’s location.

Related Topics:Atlanta, GA; Church Buildings; Football; Sports. Posted:May 8, 2013 at 11:07AM. Gleanings aggregates what others are reporting. Learn more. Leave a Comment.

Pastor Jack Graham on the 'voice of football': 'He finished well.'

Graham said with all the accolades and applause that Summerall received for his sports broadcasting work, his walk with Christ is what mattered the most to him.

Many thanked God after police captured the remaining suspect. Some went on to pray that God would save him.

forever.". Related Topics:Sports. Posted:April 16, 2013 at 8:31AM. Gleanings aggregates what others are reporting. Learn more. Leave a Comment. Powered

Roundup of new religion research finds link.

Home > Archives > 2013 > April. Theology. The Main Reason for Declining Church Attendance: Children's Sports? The biggest competition? Children's sports.

Barna survey also examines public awareness of the faith of top athletes.

sure (10%).). "Sports figures are deemed most influential by those making $60,000-plus, college graduates, whites and parents," notes Barna. "Those

(UPDATED) Move over, Tebow: 49ers' Colin Kaepernick and Ravens' Ray Lewis are the NFL's leading Christians this Sunday.

So, when he chose to tattoo his upper body, he chose Bible verses. According to Sports Illustrated, the psalms tattooed on Kaepernick's arms are all about his competitive instinct.

(Updated) School district is appealing the decision, saying the judge's ruling is unclear when it comes to the Bible-verse banners.

(The court decided that they do.). Related Topics:Church and State; Education; Religious Freedom; Sports. Posted:October 19, 2012 at 8:25AM. Gleanings

Annual taxes on Catholic property with non-religious purposes could total 3 billion euros.

magazine. Catholicism being the dominant religion in Spain, church properties currently are used as schools, homes, parks, sports fields, and restaurants.

(Updated): High-profile PGA players love God more than golf–both on and off the greens.

CT has written cover stories on the pros and cons of sports. Related Topics:Sports. Posted:June 17, 2012 at 10:14PM. Gleanings aggregates what others are reporting. Learn more.

While he walked across, Wallenda, described by Canadian media as a born-again Christian, thanked God and Jesus out loud in his microphone.

Image via Wikimedia Commons. Related Topics:Sports. Posted:June 15, 2012 at 11:21PM. Gleanings aggregates what others are reporting. Learn more. Leave a Comment.

(Updated) Twitter ramps up efforts to reach church and faith leaders after realizing the popularity of religious tweets.

by Joyce Meyer, Max Lucado, and Andy Stanley, among other high-profile evangelicals, are forwarded and responded to more frequently than many entertainers, sports figures, and

Is White Sox's Phil Humber the new Jeremy Lin or Tim Tebow?

baseball career until the White Sox picked him up last year, and he hasn't had enough of a high profile to draw the attention of usual Christian athlete media like BP Sports and Sports

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