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(UPDATED) Here's what 409,000 people pledged to fast from for the next 40 days.

12, weather, 986. 13, generic, 834. 14, shopping, 685. 15, sports, 410. 16, money, 276. 17, politics, 216. 14, shopping, 1,183. 15, celebrity, 961. 16, sports, 780. 17, politics, 547. 18, clothes

Like Russell Wilson, most believe God rewards faithful athletes.

“That's God setting it up, to make it so dramatic, so rewarding, so special,” the Christian player told Sports Illustrated's TheMMQB.com, later tweeting, “Yesterday wasn't just about the

LifeWay finds less than 1 in 4 men would trade weekly worship.

infographics below]. Though some pastors blame sports for declining attendance, researchers found most of the faithful balk at skipping church for football. More

WaterBrook Multnomah splits from sister imprint whose 'Gay Christian' book led to NRB resignation.

author voices who can reach a broad audience with faith-informed content in categories ranging from spiritual practice and social issues to pop culture, humor, sports, and memoir.

Research reveals top topics and how often people say prayers are answered.

On only two topics are Catholics significantly more likely to pray than Protestants (or at least to acknowledge doing so): for God to lead their favorite sports team to victory (20 percent of

The catch: The church you attend has to emphasize faith-work integration—and you have to show up.

Church distractions associated with this "secularization of Sunday" also come from children's sports programs and school-related activities, that survey found.

(UPDATED) George Fox University and California Baptist University receive religious exemptions to newly clarified gender equity requirements.

"No one knows whether OCR believes that Title IX requires universities to permit biological males who identify as female to play on women's sports teams," the press release states.

Responses vary when interviewing evangelicals, Catholics, and the unaffiliated online vs. by phone.

CT has previously explored how children's sports and football season may cause declining church attendance, as well as why many people didn't go to church on Back to Church

Saints facing single-elimination in Lent Madness tournament include many names evangelicals will recognize.

Or rather, Lent Madness. Launched in 2010 by a Massachusetts pastor, Tim Schenck, the bracket offers a unique Lenten devotion that combines his love for church history and sports.

(UPDATED) Barna breaks down which Americans are celebrating this year, while Stephen Smith tracks what 100,000+ Twitter users are pledging in real-time.

10. generic, 1,208. 11. religion, 1,149. 12. entertainment, 929. 13. weather, 609. 14. shopping, 466. 15. sports, 205. 16. money, 193. 17. celebrity, 175. 18. clothes, 171. 19. habit, 155. 20.

Russians returning in droves to Christianity (though not to church), according to new Pew research.

About 20 International Sports Chaplains are walking through the crowds, sharing pins that represent the story of Jesus (and drawing NPR's attention).

Some recent stats on religiosity and athletics.

Bowl? Sports Fans Split on Prosperity Gospel. there. Football fans are more likely than other sports fans to say they pray to God (33 percent versus 21 percent).

(UPDATED) What research suggests about Sunday's massive outreach effort by 21,200 churches.

25% in 2003). Among other stories on trends in church attendance, CT recently noted another reason that Americans don't attend church: children's sports.

CrossFit champ’s path to victory started with Galatians tattoo.

CT has previously discussed the role of Christians in sports, such as Nik Wallenda, who crossed the Grand Canyon on a tightrope, or outfielder Josh Hamilton, who recently

Josh Hamilton 'turns the other cheek' in lawsuit from Christian sports-apparel start-up over shared slogan.

Josh Hamilton 'turns the other cheek' in lawsuit from Christian sports-apparel start-up over shared slogan. Christian Baseball Star Relinquishes Right to 'Play Hard, Pray Harder'.

Thousands of British schools could have new, Church of England-appointed leadership

2000. Such academies are already privately sponsored by businesses, individuals, and even sports teams, according to Religion News Service. Now

(UPDATED) Church cooperation leads to uncertainty over new Falcons stadium’s location.

Football Team Decides Churches Want Too Much Money for Stadium Shift. (UPDATED) Church cooperation leads to uncertainty over new Falcons stadium's location.

Pastor Jack Graham on the 'voice of football': 'He finished well.'

Graham said with all the accolades and applause that Summerall received for his sports broadcasting work, his walk with Christ is what mattered the most to him.

Many thanked God after police captured the remaining suspect. Some went on to pray that God would save him.

Pastors Respond to Boston Marathon Bombings, Some Pray for Suspect. Many thanked God after police captured the remaining suspect. Some went

Roundup of new religion research finds link.

The Main Reason for Declining Church Attendance: Children's Sports? Roundup of new religion research finds link. The biggest competition? Children's sports.

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