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On Thanksgiving, he once wrote, 'I am thankful for cancer. James 1:2-3... Life is richer, trust is stronger and relationships are deeper.'

Died: R. Judson Carlberg, Christian Higher Ed Leader, Biologos Chair. On Thanksgiving, he once wrote, 'I am thankful for cancer. James 1:2-3... Life

(UPDATED) Warren turns Vatican conference into 'revivalist meeting,' while Moore explains why marriage crosses theological boundaries.

Pope Francis Learns What Rick Warren, Russell Moore, NT Wright Think about Marriage. (UPDATED) Warren turns Vatican conference into 'revivalist

New Pew research identifies who evangelizes most and who believes the prosperity gospel, among many other topics.

Least likely: Argentines (29 percent) and Chileans (31 percent). "Prosperity gospel" theology is widespread in Latin America, but not always the dominant view among Protestants.

'Francis effect' may yet materialize. But for now, Catholics have hit record low across 19 nations and territories.

Sorry, Pope Francis: Protestants Are Converting Catholics Across Latin America. 'Francis effect' may yet materialize. But for now, Catholics have hit record

Samuel Rodriguez says ORU alum 'breathed, lived, and died expanding the kingdom of God.'

known in our generation.”. The Washington Post described Munroe's theology as “Christianity with the power of self-realization.”. Munroe was a national

Research reveals top topics and how often people say prayers are answered.

What Americans Pray For and Against (Per Max Lucado's LifeWay Survey). Research reveals top topics and how often people say prayers are answered.

(UPDATED) After narrow "No" vote, Scottish evangelicals say churches will take lead in building the 'new Scotland.'

On the Yes side, Doug Gay, a Church of Scotland minister and theology professor at the University of Glasgow, pushes back against the idea that supporting Scottish sovereignty is

(UPDATED) Performance with The Roots was the first by a Christian rapper on late-night TV.

l—and hip-hop back to its roots. CT also spotlighted the centrality of Reformed theology to Christian hip-hop. One of Lecrae's new songs, "Non-Fiction

Leadership Network and Vanderbloemen find what determines pastor salaries (and who might be most underpaid).

Race, age of the pastor, age of the church, and theology do not impact salaries. Southern pastors are among the highest paid, followed by the Northeast and then West and Midwest.

(UPDATED) Mars Hill responds Friday to leaked letter, says 'our team is Jesus, not one group of elders or another.'

Portland. Pastor Ryan Kearns - Director of Community Groups / Pastor at Mars Hill Bellevue. Pastor Ryan Welsh - Pastor of Theology and Discipleship. Pastor

Findings from significant study of religion and race in America inform debate over reactions to Michael Brown's death.

expressing of sentiment.”. “There's not yet been anything that looks like a groundswell of evangelical call for action, for theology applied to injustice. It's possible

The CCM worship world has its Jennifer Knapp moment.

She studied theology at Oxford and went on to spend much of her 20s in the Christian music scene in the United States, living in Nashville and San Diego.

(UPDATED) Southern Baptist chain decides to 'assess the situation regarding his ministry.'

with discernment” sticker program, which targeted books that “may have espoused thoughts, ideas, or concepts that could be considered inconsistent with historical evangelical theology

(UPDATED) After death of 15-year-old Braxton Caner, the online Christian watchdog world assesses whether one of its own went too far.

Hall, according to the ABP transcript. "In my zeal, there has been a disconnect between my theology and my methodology. I do know God is sovereign

A 'near totality' warn U.S. evangelicals (and others) against becoming too friendly with the Catholic Church.

Bogliolo noted that the churches and groups that endorsed the statement represent a "near totality of evangelicals" who hold to conservative Protestant theology and strong evangelistic

(UPDATED) University cuts ties with state convention even though convention investigation concluded theologically conservative professors were welcome at Campbellsville University.

Southern Baptists End Investigation of Theology Professors at Kentucky University. (UPDATED members.". Disputes over theology at Christian schools are not uncommon.

The catch: The church you attend has to emphasize faith-work integration—and you have to show up.

25 percent in 2003). CT profiles workers who integrate faith in their jobs, including Harrison Higgins, a woodworker whose theology informs his furniture making. CT tells his story here.

President Michael Lindsay among 26 CCCU presidents urging an exemption clause in pending executive order.

issues, including how Eastern Mennonite University is deliberating over allowing faculty in same-sex relationships and how a transgender professor and former theology chair left Azusa

(UPDATED) The divestment of the 1.8 million-member denomination may have symbolic power, but how much?

PC(USA) Divests From Some Israeli Holdings. Does It Matter? (UPDATED) The divestment of the 1.8 million-member denomination may have symbolic power, but how much?

(UPDATED) Tchividjian apologizes that his public breakup with TGC has 'given the world the justification they're looking for to disbelieve the gospel.'

Tim Keller, Don Carson Explain Why Tullian Tchividjian Was Asked to Leave Gospel Coalition. (UPDATED) Tchividjian apologizes that his public breakup

Displaying 1–20 of 714 articles
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