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Muslim Followers of Jesus?

Believers from Muslim backgrounds are trying to forge new identities in Islamic cultures. The debate over their options has grown furious.

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July 18, 2013  11:40am

being a Muslim and to be the follower Christ is like a religion that i have been looking for. even if i know just a little about the idea am willing to learn more about it.

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Achiso Lobango

April 17, 2013  10:34am

Yes! identity is the main question. If Muslims become truly converted to christian faith, they should belong to the christian family, to the church, the body of Christ. Of course we are created to reflect the Triune God in relationship with Himself and with others socially, culturally and traditionally. But, it comes to the identity of Christ it should be taken seriously. we can not be called with other names, there should be any thing in addition christianity to belong to Jesus Christ and follow him within the christian community.

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March 01, 2013  4:04am

It's very helpful article for understanding insiders' mind.

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