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Interesting and unusual facts about Christians in the scientific revolution.
The convoluted tale of a faithful Catholic caught in a web of theological inflexibility, papal power, and his on political naivete.
A sense of cosmic awe sustained Johannes Kepler through deep sorrow.
Some defenders of secular science say they did. What's the real story?
Revolutionary astronomer
Misjudged astronomer
Happy 400th anniversary of not-quite-a-milestone in science!
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November 20, 1541: In Switzerland, French reformer John Calvin, 32, established a theocratic government at Geneva, thereby creating a home base for emergent Protestantism throughout Europe (see issue 12: John Calvin).

November 20, 1572: The first Presbyterian meeting house in England is established at Wandsworth, Surrey.

November 20, 1620: Peregrine White, son of William and Susanna White, is the first child born on the Mayflower (see issue 41: The American Puritans).

November 20, 1806: Baptist preacher ...

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