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Infanticide, widow burning, assisted suicide—Carey and other missionaries battled these accepted religious practices
Four examples of the pluralistic challenge that Paul faced
It wasn't just what Christians believed but also how they lived that concerned early church teachers.
At a legislative Althing, a pagan judge prevented civil war in iceland by converting everyone to Christianity.
The untold benefits of becoming a Christian in the ancient world.
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December 12, 1189: King Richard I "the Lion Hearted" leaves England on the Third Crusade to retake Jerusalem, which had fallen to Muslim general Saladin in 1187 (see issue 40: The Crusades).

December 12, 1582: Spanish General Fernando Alvarez de Toledo (also known as the Duke of Alva) dies. The duke had been sent, along with 10,000 troops, by King Philip II of Spain to quell the Reformation in Holland. The duke's "Council of Blood" was responsible for some 18,000 deaths.

December 12, 1667: The Council ...

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