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Infanticide, widow burning, assisted suicide—Carey and other missionaries battled these accepted religious practices
Four examples of the pluralistic challenge that Paul faced
It wasn't just what Christians believed but also how they lived that concerned early church teachers.
At a legislative Althing, a pagan judge prevented civil war in iceland by converting everyone to Christianity.
The untold benefits of becoming a Christian in the ancient world.
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February 24, 1208: Francis of Assisi experiences a vision in the church of Portunicula, Italy. Though not his first vision, it convinced him to begin a mission of preaching repentance, singing, caring for lepers, and aiding the peasants. Most notably, he and his followers renounced wealth and followed absolute poverty (see issue 42: Francis of Assisi).

February 24, 1582: Gregory XIII issues a bull requiring all Catholic countries to follow October 4 with October 15 and replace the Julian calendar ...

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