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Global Christian Internet Alliance

Mission Statement

The Global Christian Internet Alliance is an international network of Christian ministries using the Internet to help fulfill the Great Commission. GCIA's mission is to provide convenient access to quality Christian Internet resources in all the major languages of the world.


GCIA grew out of an international gathering convened by Christianity Today in May 2001. CT's strategy was to identify the leading evangelical ministries active in Internet ministry around the world, and bring them together to learn from each other.

Following the 2001 gathering in Chicago, conferences have been hosted by GCIA partners around the world: Amsterdam (2002), Toronto (2003), Paris (2005), Seoul (2006), Berlin (2007), San Antonio (2008), and Rio de Janeiro (2010). The conference program focuses on practical case studies with partner ministries and guest organizations sharing strategies and methodologies in their areas of expertise and strength.

This growing network now includes 28 ministries representing 14 major languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English (Australia, Canada, India, S. Africa, UK, USA), French (France, Switzerland), German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish (Chile, Costa Rica), and Swedish. Together these languages represent more than 85% of Internet users, and new partners are being added to the alliance as more languages get connected to the World Wide Web.

To contact the Global Christian Internet Alliance, send an email to, or visit them on the Web at

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