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Jurassic Rock!

Take the great hits of Petra and give them to some of today's modern rockers and what you come up with is Never Say Dinosaur (Star Song), an awesome tribute to a really awesome band!

Featuring such bands as Audio Adrenaline, Jars of Clay and Grammatrain, this album highlights the years and years of great tunes produced by a band that's proven its stuff. Two standout favorites are Audio A's cover of "Taste of Love" and Galactic Cowboys' interpretation of "Not of This World."

Mark Leslie
South Side High School
Damascus, Arkansas

It's great that so many artists pooled their talents to salute one of the "inventors" of Christian rock. But the varied styles these artists bring to the project may be the album's biggest weakness. Overall, the music (ranging from rock to grunge) overshadows or seems a poor "fit" for the lyrics.

There were some bright spots, though, such as Jars of Clay's version of "Rose-Colored Stained-Glass Windows" and The Walter Eugenes' remake of "Judas' Kiss."

Other featured artists include Sixpence None the Richer, MxPx, and Kevin Smith (of dc Talk) with Passafist.

Adrianne Porter
Wofford College
Spartanburg, South Carolina


Amazing Days of Grace

Greg Long's hot new album, Days of Grace (Myrrh) hits the number one spot on my music chart. Mixing pop and inspirational styles, Long sings passionately of God's undying love. This is an awesome album!

Alima Ravenscroft
Houston Community College
Houston, Texas

Days of Grace is about commitment to faith, trust in God, and, as shown in "All You Need to Know," the Lord's never-ending mercy:
"Don't forget I chose you Before creation was ever spoken Heaven and Earth will pass away Before my promise is broken "

Sarah Bowman
Union Intermediate High School
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Simply Heavenly

Lisa Bevill's Love of Heaven (Sparrow) offers light, inspirational pop with powerful lyrics that speak of God's loveā€”such as these from If We're His If we're His truly His Then His love will flow right through us To the heart of every need If we're His, truly His We'll give of ourselves unselfishly If' we're His

Rebecca Stutzman
Montana State University-Northern
Havre, Montana


Ready for a Change?

Eric Champion's newest album, Transformation (Essential), offers a creative blend of rock, alternative and Euro-pop. Eric's hard-driving music mixes well with his in-your-face lyrics, like these from "Until I Get My Way":

Beat on me, you can kick me in the face Pick me up, shove me all over the place Call me a fanatic, beat me with a bat Nail me to a cross, or feed me to a cat But I'm not leaving you Because I wanna do what He wants me to do

Dustin Richards
Diamond, Ohio


Erasin' Racism

In their debut album, Erace (Gotee), The Gotee Brothers (Toby McKeehan of dc Talk, Todd Collins and Joey Elwood) blend rap, blues and R&B into an ear-pleasing, soulful sound. And complementing this excellent mix of music are hard-hitting lyrical challenges that call us to erase racism. Way to go, Gotee Bros!

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