15 Great Christmas Gift Ideas

15 Great Christmas Gift Ideas

Searching for the perfect gift for someone you love? Instead of heading to the mall this holiday season, how about giving the gift of your time and creativity?
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  1. Surprise your family with a Saturday morning pancake breakfast.
  2. Offer your babysitting services free of charge to your mom or to another mother you think could use a break.
  3. Give your brother or sister a coupon for one free room clean-up or car wash.
  4. Use your phone to interview the friends and family of a friend. Ask them to tell you what your friend means to them. Give the video or audio to your friend.
  5. Take your grandparents out for lunch, or take lunch to them. Ask them to tell you about the "good ole days."
  6. Give your parents a dinner date. Decorate the table with red checkered tablecloths and candles. Make menus. Ask your brothers and sisters and/or friends to help you cook and serve the meal.
  7. Help a friend with Scripture memory by writing some of your favorite verses on index cards. Decorate them and put them in a small Ziploc bag. Punch two small holes above the zipper. Then find a strand of string; tie each end of the string to one of the holes. Tell your friend to hang it in the shower, so that he/she can memorize the verses while they're sudsing up.
  8. Kidnap a couple of friends and take them out for dessert.
  9. Collect some of your favorite pictures of your friends, and create a calendar for your friend (by hand or online). Give the calendars to your friends.
  10. Write a letter or poem expressing what a friend or family member means to you. Type it up, using a font that fits the mood of what you've written. Then print it out on colorful paper. Find a picture of the two of you, and frame this along with what you've written.
  11. Make a set of "chore coupons" for your parents—such as "clean the bathroom," "do the laundry," "mow the lawn," "vacuum the house," "clean the gutters," and so on. Tell your parents they can redeem the coupons all year long.
  12. Tape all the Christmas classics on TV—the Grinch, Rudolph, Charlie Brown, etc.—and edit out the commercials. Bake a couple batches of your favorite cookies, and plan an evening for the whole family to sit down and watch all the specials together.
  13. Write "Here's Why I Love You" letters to each family member. Run off each letter on nice stationery, using a typeface that fits the personality of each person you're writing.
  14. Bring back some wonderful memories by wrapping up an old toy or memento from your mom and dad's past. Enlist your grandparents in locating these gifts. Have a camera ready to capture the moment your folks unwrap these cherished treasures.
  15. Arrange for your mom or dad's best high school buddy or favorite teacher to call on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve. Contact your grandparents for help in locating this old friend or teacher.
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