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My sister is into female singers like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Do you know of any similar Christian singers that I could recommend?


First, I must say I'm totally impressed by your desire to find some good Christian alternatives for your sis. Your question tells me you care about her a lot.

Should you be concerned? Yes, I think so. While the lyrics on Britney's newest CD, Oops! … I Did It Again, are pretty tame, some of the tunes on Christina's self-titled debut are sexually suggestive (such as "Come On Over"). And the music of both artists comes packaged with immodest dress and videos with "dirty dancing." Not the kind of stuff you'd like for Sis.

Rachel Lampa

Rachel Lampa

Well, guess what? There are some fine girl-pop alternatives in Christian music. First, I'd encourage you to check out Live for You (Word), the debut CD from 15-year-old Rachael Lampa. This talented artist hit Christian radio last summer with her album's title cut—a dance-driven number about a Christian's response to the love of God. With worshipful ballads and upbeat dance tunes, Rachael's album includes the song-writing talents of such respected artists as Cindy Morgan, Ginny Owens and Chris Eaton.

Stacie Orrico

Stacie Orrico

Fourteen-year-old Stacie Orrico also showed up last summer on Christian music radio with her upbeat dance-pop tune, "Don't Look at Me." This single from her debut CD Genuine (ForeFront) encourages you to look to Christ—not people—for truth and guidance. Another standout tune on the album is "Dear Friend." Written by Stacie and produced by Michael W. Smith, "Dear Friend" is a haunting and sensitive ballad written for a friend who struggles with anorexia.

Finally, I'd like to mention two albums from a couple of true pros in the world of Christian dance-pop. Fearless (Metro One) is Crystal Lewis's 16th album and a strong release for fans of R&B-flavored music. The other album worth checking out is Set You Free (Sparrow) by Tammy Trent. Fans of Britney Spears' "Oops! … I Did It Again" will discover musical (not lyrical) similarities in Tammy's infectious "If You Need Love" and "I Do Believe."

So, Eric, you've definitely got some options—all worthy of wrapping up and placing under the tree for your sis this Christmas.

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