Entertaining Faith

Mainstream music, movies and TV can give us a chance to think through and share our faith.
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Walk the Line

  • The movie hints at Johnny Cash's eventual conversion to Christianity. How can you see the beginnings of Johnny's faith in the film? In what ways does June influence Johnny?
  • Think or talk about what the movie says about family.
  • Check out Cash's CDs or download his songs off iTunes. (We especially recommend American IV: The Man Comes Around.) As you listen, write down phrases that stick out to you. Think about what Cash is saying. Why do you think he chose each song?
  • For more information about the life of Johnny Cash, read the Christianity Today article "Johnny Cash's Song of Redemption." Or, pick up the books A Man Called Cash or The Man Comes Around at Christianbook.com.

Scott Stapp

  • The Great Divide talks a lot about Stapp's struggles—feeling confused, scared, broken and distant from God. Read the lyrics and think about times you or your friends have felt like this. Ask yourself or friends: Does being a Christian mean having it all together or that we won't mess up? How do you think God feels when we sin or struggle to live the way he wants us to? If you or a friend feels far from God, read through Psalms, which often express great struggle—and joy.
  • In the past few months, there have been stories of Stapp getting drunk in public and starting fights. Ask yourself or friends these questions: How should Christians react to the sins or struggles of other believers? Do you think it means Stapp's faith isn't real? How can believers support struggling Christians? ReadGalatians 6:1 andColossians 3:12-16
  • To learn more about Scott Stapp and his faith, read this interview at Christianmusictoday.com.


  • Ask yourself or friends these questions: What do you think is behind the mysteries of Invasion? What do you think is happening to these people? What religious elements do you see in the show?
  • Father Scanlon runs a survivors' group in his church. Why is it important for groups of people who've had common experiences to meet like this? ReadHebrews 10:24-25. How does this verse apply to support groups? Why is it important for Christians to gather together? Why is that better than following Christ on their own?
  • Invasion seems to deal with fears of not knowing who we really are and not really being in control of our own lives. How do you know who you really are? What defines you? ReadPsalm 139:23-24. Who best knows you? How can you know yourself? Why is it scary to not be in control? When do you feel this way? What makes it hard to let God have control of your life?

Before watching or listening to anything mentioned here, please get advice and guidance from your parents or youth pastor.

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