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Dad Drinks Too Much

He'll tell us he's going to quit but never does.

For the Love of Money

"I have a friend who has a real problem with money."

That's No Joke

Mean comments aren't harmless, even if followed with, "It's just a joke!"

Is Suicide a Sin?

My friend committed suicide and I'm having a hard time with the idea that it was a sin.

Over-the-Counter High

How Do I Deal with Divorce?

"My parents are divorced and they don't get along at all."

A Royal Flush?

What do you think of online poker? If I don't play with real money, is it OK?
Acne Ruins My Life

Acne Ruins My Life

This struggle has really messed with my ability to like myself—or trust God.

Being Real on MySpace

I'm Not Who People Think I Am

Displaying 21–30 of 137
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