Why Are Your Parents Scared?

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Ever wonder why your parents seem kind of tough on you sometimes? Or why they tense up when they're around you? Chances are they're just a little bit scared. Here's why:

They are scared because you're becoming more and more independent. When you were born, you were helpless. You needed them, even to eat. They cuddled you, encircled you with their arms, and thought you were such a little darling. They assumed you would always need them.

Now you're shattering their assumptions. Your growing sense of independence tells them what they would rather forget: They chose you, but you never chose them. You may love them (and they hope you do), but you don't belong to them. You need them less and less, and they're afraid they will lose you completely.

They are scared because they know how easy it is to waste your life. They know, from experience, that there are at least three wrong directions for every right one. Many of their friends have made bad choices and are unhappy. Maybe your parents are unhappy, too. They don't want that for you.

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