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My Best Friend Needed God

He was my best friend in the whole world. I wanted him to go to heaven and I wanted to spend eternity with him.

Hey Man, I'm Worried About You

One friend, one e-mail, one life-changing message.

6 Gifts That Always Fit

Todd Hertz

No Dad to Call

Everyone was digging through their pockets and purses in search of coins for the pay phone. Everyone except me.

A True Friend

Stacie Orrico never thought about bailing out on her friend.

Bouncing Back

When her 10-year-old cousin died of leukemia, Stacie Orrico was devastated, but she decided to turn her grief into something positive.

Oh Brother! (and Sister!)

Siblings. You have to live with them. But do you have to like them? Campus Life talked to four sets of sibs to find out what makes their relationships work.

Forgiving Dad

I didn't understand how the man who taught me right from wrong could commit such a sin.

Forever Friends

When Cassie Bernall died in the Columbine shootings last year, Amanda Meyer lost her best friend. But Amanda will never forget the girl who shared her faith, fears and dreams.
Displaying 11–20 of 25
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