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Starving to be Perfect

My weight was nobody's business but my own.

UgLy Me

Who knows when I first started hating the way I look?

"If I Could Only be Perfect … "

Why do we feel like we have to work so hard to earn acceptance?

Not Good Enough

No matter how much weight she lost, Katie would look in the mirror and think …

Depression: A Special Report

According to a recent survey, many Campus Life readers struggle with depression. Here's a look at the problem and its symptoms—and how to find hope and healing.

Warning Signs

How do you tell the difference between an adult's healthy interest in you and something you should worry about?

I Was Sexually Abused

I should have told someone he made me feel uncomfortable.

I Felt Dead Inside

Cutting myself helped me release the bad feelings inside. So why did I always feel worse afterward?

Is That You?

Perfect looks, perfect hair, perfect plot, perfect ending. Are these Hollywood teens anywhere close to the real you?

Good Advice

Jim Burns answers your questions
Displaying 1–10 of 20
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