My Boyfriend Raped Me

My Boyfriend Raped Me

Jack seemed like a great guy at first. He'd send me flowers and shower me with affection. But then he began to change.
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A date rapist may also try to get a potential victim to trust him and then invent some reason for her to come to his house or apartment. The date rapist is usually very manipulative and tries to con an unsuspecting victim.

Many date rapists are repeat offenders and are skilled at identifying weaknesses in potential victims. The rapist is looking for a woman he can control, because his primary motivation is power rather than sex.

Some date rapists exhibit a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality. They may appear to be great guys. But when under stress or when they find a vulnerable victim, their personalities change.

What to Do If You Are Raped

• Tell someone—a parent, a friend. You need support, and you don't need to be alone.

• Do not shower or clean yourself. As soon as possible, go to a hospital or clinic. They'll be able to treat you if you have injuries. They'll also help you preserve evidence in case you press charges.

• Call the police or a rape crisis center. One of the following organizations may also be able to help you:

Minirth Meier/New Life Clinics: 1-800-637-7974

Rapha Treatment Centers: 1-800-383-4673

The Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence: (206) 634-1903

Adapted from Beauty Restored by Me Ra Koh, Appendix II, page 5 (Regal Books, 2001).

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