The young pastor sat with his wife, staring blankly through the tears. The dream that had led him to his first pastorate had become a disaster. His problems stemmed from church finances, and he took little comfort in the fact that many young pastors before him had failed for similar reasons.

John had little financial expertise. His family was well-to-do, so finances seldom had been discussed in the home. His college and seminary training were underwritten, thus some important financial "learning experiences" were by-passed. The few courses in seminary had been elementary, and he hadn't thought much about church finances. Now the day of reckoning had dawned, and all the challenge and romance of ministry seemed to fade into nothingness.

Financial problems cast a heavy spell over all they touch. It's essential for a pastor to develop good financial tools to properly handle church finances. There are some basic steps to take in handling the finances of your church in these economy-chaotic days. Whether they serve as a primer course for new pastors or as a refresher course for established ministers, these basic principles can help develop successful church finances.

Work Out a Budget

A budget will establish the priorities for ministry and improve money management, as well as provide a periodic review toward goals achievement. The church budget reveals what the congregation thinks is worth an investment.

Three considerations should be made:

1. Carefully select the people who fashion the budget. If developed by a group whose sole purpose is to save money, a lot of ministry and not a little future will be sacrificed. Input should come from the leaders of the church who are on the front lines of making ministries happen, and who also have ...

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