Every year since 1970, Ted Engstrom and Ed Dayton have traveled to various cities to hold two-day "Managing Your Time" seminars for pastors and church leaders. To date they've done over 100 of them.

Although the seminars are sponsored by World Vision, where both Ted (executive director) and Ed (vice president for missions and evangelism) work, they view the seminars primarily as a hobby. "We enjoy doing them," says Ed, "and are convinced of their importance. The seminars are based on the concept that if you can't manage yourself, then you can't manage anything else."

Ted Engstrom graduated from Taylor University, was editorial director and general manager of Zondervan Publishing House, and became president of Youth for Christ International before joining World Vision International in 1963.

Ed Dayton graduated from New York University and worked as an engineer with Lear Siegler before joining World Vision in 1967.

Leadership: What is the most common time management mistake Christian leaders make?

Ed Dayton: Not planning for tomorrow. The leader is so busy doing things he or she doesn't take any time to think about the future. Seldom does he realize that many of his problems can be solved by taking just 5 percent of his time to start working on the future.

Leadership: What do you mean by working on the future?

Dayton: I mean asking questions like "Who can I get to do this job next time? Who can do it better than I can?"

Ted Engstrom: We terribly overestimate what we can do in one year and underestimate what we can do in five. Start by realizing that you can't get out of this mess in one year. But you can lay a foundation that can get you out of this mess in three or five years. By planning now, you can begin to get some control over ...

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