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Summer 2003: Emerging Leaders

volume 24, Issue 3
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A Good Day OffSubscriber Access Only

Our family was drifting apart…until we kicked back at the other Willow Creek.

Currents Counter-Culture: Indigenous Worship vs. Religious MobilitySubscriber Access Only

If every congregation does its own thing, how will newcomers ever feel at home?

Currents Shaping My Church: How Smaller Churches GrowSubscriber Access Only

The secret includes goals and Wal-Mart.

Currents Shaping My Church: War, Politics, and the PulpitSubscriber Access Only

How do you handle potentially explosive social issues when you know your congregation is not of one mind?

Currents Shaping My Soul: A Once and Future Emerging LeaderSubscriber Access Only

What happens when you realize your emergence is behind you?

Currents Shaping My Soul: Why Gordon Feels ConflictedSubscriber Access Only

Leadership Weekly readers weigh in on the value of uncertainty.

Currents Shaping Our World: Switched after BirthSubscriber Access Only

We're changing more than churches--also denoms and religions.

Emerging ValuesSubscriber Access Only

The next generation is redefining spiritual formation, community, and mission.

From the EditorSubscriber Access Only

Gregg's Other LifeSubscriber Access Only

Would our fragile church survive if it learned the worship leader's tragic secret?

Growing Edge Book Review: The Secret to Getting Things DoneSubscriber Access Only

Three overlooked processes between vision and completion.

Growing Edge In BriefSubscriber Access Only

Lasting InfluenceSubscriber Access Only

A Leadership Forum

Mentoring that Produces MentorsSubscriber Access Only

From a handful of hungry men, we've developed several generations of leaders.

New Leaders, Unmarked PathsSubscriber Access Only

A night in the desert taught me to be ready to do things I've never done before.

One-Bullet LeadersSubscriber Access Only

Determining what the novice does well, and training him to do it.

Pool Guy PastorSubscriber Access Only

Going to church like going swimming means different things to different people.

Sermon Workshop: Preaching Hot PotatoesSubscriber Access Only

A Way to keep the pressure on the listener and off the speaker.

Simeon's BrigadeSubscriber Access Only

England's churches were reawakened by 1,100 young ministers, who learned their craft from an awkward, unpopular, and sometimes angry mentor.

Squeezed OutSubscriber Access Only

Zoning battles make churches feel unwelcome--and what to do about it.

The Uncertain LeaderSubscriber Access Only

You can't always be sure, but you'd better be clear.

Tight Money StrategiesSubscriber Access Only

Six ways to balance when the budget goes red.

Unlikely CandidatesSubscriber Access Only

What do you do when no one seems qualified to lead?

What's to Become of Tom?Subscriber Access Only

The kid is self-absorbed and directionless. I don't like him. Does he have a future as a leader?

Worship Toolkit: Experiential WorshipSubscriber Access Only

Making your service hands-on, hearts-out
Reader's Pick
Missional Living in a Fraternity

Missional Living in a Fraternity

What it takes to go with Jesus into unlikely parts of the world.
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