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Spring 2004: Street-Level Preaching

volume 25, Issue 2

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New Vocabulary: Prose and ConsSubscriber Access Only

We asked readers of Leadership Weekly, our online newsletter, to offer a word on Ron Martoia's concept of a new Christian lexicon.

Preaching by Street LightSubscriber Access Only

What's in the Brown Paper Sack?Subscriber Access Only

Props make sermons stick.


Ideas for InternutsSubscriber Access Only

How we use the Web for better ministry.

Setting the House AfireSubscriber Access Only

Church on video brings worship services to Little Rock firefighters.

You Need a Sabbatical—FreeSubscriber Access Only

Lilly Endowment offers up to $45,000 for renewal leave.

Bock's De-Coder RingSubscriber Access Only


Tattered, Bruised-and UsedSubscriber Access Only

God is not easy on the people who get used in the gospel drama.


Book ReviewsSubscriber Access Only

IllustrationsSubscriber Access Only

Plus: Have You Ever …, There's Life After Birth?, and He's an Arm's Length Away

Bonus Articles

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Gen-X Senior Pastors DoubleSubscriber Access Only

And they're doing ministry differently than Boomer predecessors.

Killer ApplicationsSubscriber Access Only

How to make sure your listeners can apply what you've preached.

Nearer, My God, to ThreeSubscriber Access Only

This pastor's ambitious goal—three hours in prayer daily—is inspiring and a little irritating.

Opening Closed MindsSubscriber Access Only

When you address controversial issues today, you can irritate or influence, but not both.

Spying New LeadersSubscriber Access Only

They may not step forward. Here's how to find the leaders you need.

Swimming with the SharpsSubscriber Access Only

Two professionals on mastering the preaching relay.

The Accompanying PresenceSubscriber Access Only

His voice is still small, but you'll preach better if you hear first from the Holy Spirit.

The Geek LexiconSubscriber Access Only

You don't have to be a computer expert to have success with multimedia in your services.

The Language of Planet ZionSubscriber Access Only

Why people today wonder what on earth we're talking about.

Till Ministry Us Do Part?Subscriber Access Only

The breaking and healing of a pastor's marriage.

What Gives Preaching Its Power?Subscriber Access Only

Amid so many forms of communication—multimedia, music, and more—what is it about preaching, even today, that carries life-changing power?

The Subversive ArtSubscriber Access Only

Drawing from the prophets, the rabbis, and Jesus to confront the culture.

A New Road to Biblical LiteracySubscriber Access Only

Following this path, I preached through the entire Bible in one year.

Soul DeepSubscriber Access Only

Why do we skip across the surface when we really want to go …
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The Secret of Strategic Neglect

The Secret of Strategic Neglect

Bill Hybels on the keys to simpler and more effective leadership.
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