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Winter 2004: Pastorable Moments

volume 25, Issue 1

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I Love Hospital Visitation—Sort OfSubscriber Access Only

It's sad, routine, and sometimes very sweet.


Immersion ExperiencesSubscriber Access Only

Planned, dramatic settings provide the catalyst for change.

Wired, Wired WorldSubscriber Access Only

Making ministry a little E-asier.


It's OK to Preach RepentanceSubscriber Access Only

In fact, that's what preaching is all about.

Movie clips to show or tellSubscriber Access Only

Plus: Honor Among Thieves and Dangerous Mixed Signals

REVIEWS: 3 books to change your churchSubscriber Access Only

To IllustrateSubscriber Access Only

If Hope Floats, Sin Compensates, What the Deaf Man Heard, and The Near-Dead See Hell

Bonus Articles

How to Run a Great Staff Meeting

The best practices of ministry include keeping the key people in touch.

All Articles

Burden BearingSubscriber Access Only

The price of pastoring that we weren't ready for

Facing the Self-SufficientSubscriber Access Only

How do you pastor someone who doesn't see a need for God?

Pastor Good SamSubscriber Access Only

Can a purposeful church leader stop long enough to personally help individuals along the road?

The Porpoise-Driven ChurchSubscriber Access Only

What on earth (or sea) is your church here for?

Time-Release ReconciliationSubscriber Access Only

After our fight, Doug and his wife left the church. So why do I, and they, still care?

Vision LeaksSubscriber Access Only

How do you keep the church's passion for ministry from deflating?

Waiting for the BombsSubscriber Access Only

How a young pastor braced his people in the fear-filled days before London's Blitz.

Holy TensionSubscriber Access Only

Creating and seizing opportunities for spiritual transformation.

New Rites of PassageSubscriber Access Only

Finding and celebrating significant life moments.

Times When Ministry Is WelcomeSubscriber Access Only

Signs that the time is right.

The Not-So-Gay LifestyleSubscriber Access Only

Pastoral care for homosexuals who want out.

Got a Moment, Pastor?Subscriber Access Only

Do you approve the minutes of the meetings God arranges for you?

The Age/Attendance ParadoxSubscriber Access Only

Those most open to the gospel are least likely to visit church.
Reader's Pick
Missional Living in a Fraternity

Missional Living in a Fraternity

What it takes to go with Jesus into unlikely parts of the world.
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