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Spring 2005: Bridging Barriers

Volume 26, Number 2
What it takes to make a whole new life.
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  • Subscriber Access OnlyUp Against a Wall
    We were working well together to reach our changing neighborhood—until the cornerstone story came out. Did we have a future without repenting of our past?
  • Subscriber Access OnlyA Mad Multi-gen Strategy that Works, Dude
    Bring generations together and reduce 20-something dropout.
  • Subscriber Access OnlyCivil Engineers
    These ministries span differences in politics, race, and (most amazingly) denominational distinctives.
  • Subscriber Access OnlyThe Brave New Case for Chastity
    When defending purity, go right to the heart.
  • Subscriber Access Only3 Fibs and a Truth About Sex
    Help for married pastors when talking to single adults.
  • Subscriber Access OnlyAn Army of Ones
    Does diversity in the church work?
  • Subscriber Access OnlyMy Patient Revolution
    Creating a place where everyone belongs.

    Bonus Article

  • Subscriber Access OnlyCoaching from the Sideline
    Instead of providing answers to problems, this mentoring strategy guides people to devise their own plays.
  • Subscriber Access OnlySaying the Hard Stuff
    Sometimes we have to deliver an unwelcome message.
  • Subscriber Access OnlyAttacked by a Monster
    Depression hit me by surprise, and help came despite my foolish reactions.