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Spring 2005: Bridging Barriers

volume 26, Issue 2

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Up Against a WallSubscriber Access Only

We were working well together to reach our changing neighborhood—until the cornerstone story came out. Did we have a future without repenting of our past?

A Mad Multi-gen Strategy that Works, DudeSubscriber Access Only

Bring generations together and reduce 20-something dropout.

Civil EngineersSubscriber Access Only

These ministries span differences in politics, race, and (most amazingly) denominational distinctives.

The Brave New Case for ChastitySubscriber Access Only

When defending purity, go right to the heart.

3 Fibs and a Truth About SexSubscriber Access Only

Help for married pastors when talking to single adults.

An Army of OnesSubscriber Access Only

Does diversity in the church work?

My Patient RevolutionSubscriber Access Only

Creating a place where everyone belongs.


A Casualty in My Own WarSubscriber Access Only

Amid clashing cultures, I was becoming the very thing I hated.

High-Capacity HalftimersSubscriber Access Only

How one church finds and deploys an untapped wealth of talent.

Happily Ever AfterSubscriber Access Only

Clergy are more sexually satisfied, less likely to commit adultery.

Your Church's Priorities?Subscriber Access Only

They probably depend on your demographics.


Is Seminary Old School?Subscriber Access Only

4 pastors weigh the pros and cons of higher education.


In Search of a Real Friend

In Search of a Real FriendSubscriber Access Only

Why is it so hard for us in ministry to form deep, lasting friendships?

How Art Thou Great?Subscriber Access Only

Building on the popular Good to Great concept, a hopeful new study finds a few churches that make the jump.

Dare to EvaluateSubscriber Access Only

Your best planning tool is an honest look at last Sunday.

Bonus Articles

Coaching from the SidelineSubscriber Access Only

Instead of providing answers to problems, this mentoring strategy guides people to devise their own plays.

Saying the Hard StuffSubscriber Access Only

Sometimes we have to deliver an unwelcome message.

Attacked by a MonsterSubscriber Access Only

Depression hit me by surprise, and help came despite my foolish reactions.
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Missional Living in a Fraternity

Missional Living in a Fraternity

What it takes to go with Jesus into unlikely parts of the world.
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