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Winter 2005: Creativity

Volume 26, Number 1
As the kingdom advances, where are we going?
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  • Shades of Gray
    Creative leadership is not just black and white—and more unconventional wisdom from the man who engineered your dishwasher.
  • One Small Step for a Church ...
    One giant lesson about introducing new ideas.
  • New Ideas, Old Church
    Five steps for giving change a chance.
  • Creative Tensions
    Three inevitable conflicts will face every innovative leader.
  • Imagine That!
    Lessons in creativity from a Disney Imagineer.
  • What's Driving Today's Innovations?
    Spying the 4 longings that are prompting new ways of doing church.
  • High Hopes
    Matthew Barnett's secret is to inspire others to dream what God can do—and dream big.
  • Mother of Invention
    Aimee Semple McPherson's Angelus Temple is full once again, as Matthew Barnett takes up her pulpit and two of her passions.
  • Planes, Chains, and Automobiles
    These churches take innovation to extremes.
  • Change Makers
    What have you learned about bringing change to your church—and at what price? 5 leaders respond.


  • Three Roads Converged in a Wood
    And three forward-thinking authors agree, take the one most traveled.
  • Bring Down That Wall
    How can we lower the barrier between pastors and musicians?
  • Missing King Kong
    Plus: The Count of Monte Cristo, Need for fathers, Standards to live by, Olympian Hits Wrong Target, Wedding Ceremony.