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Summer 2006: iChurch

volume 27, Issue 3

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Preaching Past TiVoSubscriber Access Only

Do you tell the whole truth to people who want only certain parts?
Redeeming a Needy Neighborhood

Redeeming a Needy NeighborhoodSubscriber Access Only

Not all communities have too much. How one church brings the gospel to the economically distressed.

Our Strange New HomeSubscriber Access Only

We weren't from around here. We could choose either to make this place ours, or never fully arrive.

Dangerous BlessingsSubscriber Access Only

A theology of God's abundance and our hunger for more.
Cookie Cutter Community

Cookie Cutter Community

Distressed by consumer Christianity, this church razed the ministries enjoyed by so many for so Iong—and started over.


House Churches that Complement "Big Church"Subscriber Access Only

They don't have to compete when their purpose is aligned.

Failure to LeaveSubscriber Access Only

Church MathSubscriber Access Only

Attendance figures inflated.

The Atheist DiariesSubscriber Access Only

Selling his soul on eBay allowed one man to encounter Christianity in a new way.


Nothing But TimeSubscriber Access Only


Is My Leadership Spiritual?

Is My Leadership Spiritual?Subscriber Access Only

IllustrationsSubscriber Access Only

A father's love, integrity matters, and more.

Livelier FuneralsSubscriber Access Only

Bonus Articles

What Volunteers Want

Keeping your crew content isn't as hard as you think.

Giants in the LandSubscriber Access Only

Megachurches are waking up to address huge global and social issues, and smaller churches are making a big difference.

Good MentoringSubscriber Access Only

Is your time well spent?

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iChurch: All We Like SheepSubscriber Access Only

Is our insistence on choices leading us astray?
Editor's Pick
The Prodigal Daughter

The Prodigal Daughter

What I said when a pastor friend asked me to preach after his daughter strayed.
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Women Leaders in the BibleBuilding Church Leaders

Women Leaders in the Bible