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Summer 2006: iChurch

Volume 27, Number 3
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  • Preaching Past TiVo
    Do you tell the whole truth to people who want only certain parts?
  • The Christian Vision Project
    Redeeming a Needy Neighborhood
    Not all communities have too much. How one church brings the gospel to the economically distressed.
  • Our Strange New Home
    We weren't from around here. We could choose either to make this place ours, or never fully arrive.
  • Dangerous Blessings
    A theology of God's abundance and our hunger for more.
  • Cookie Cutter Community
    Distressed by consumer Christianity, this church razed the ministries enjoyed by so many for so Iong—and started over.

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  • What Volunteers Want
    Keeping your crew content isn't as hard as you think.
  • Giants in the Land
    Megachurches are waking up to address huge global and social issues, and smaller churches are making a big difference.
  • Good Mentoring
    Is your time well spent?

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