Sola gratia, sola fide, sola scriptura,?sola radio? The following conversation is based on true events.

Church member: "Pastor, I'm very disturbed by something you said in your sermon yesterday."

Pastor: "I'm glad you came to talk with me about it. What's bothering you?"

Church member: "In the sermon you mentioned Erwin McManus."

Pastor: "That's right. I quoted something he said about church membership."

Church member: "Well, I'm very disturbed that you would reference someone like him in a sermon! McManus is part of the emerging church, and I have serious problems with their theology based on what I've heard on the radio."

Pastor: "You do know Erwin McManus is a Southern Baptist, and I'm pretty sure his theology is quite orthodox. In fact, our denomination invited him to speak at our convention two years ago."

Church member: "Yes, I know they did, and I'm very bothered by that as well. McManus is part of the emerging church, and the emerging church is involved in all kinds of heresy."

Pastor: "The label ?emerging church' is used to describe a lot of different things, and I know some emerging church leaders are pushing the envelope with their theology, but I don't think Erwin McManus is one of them. To tell you the truth, I've never really considered McManus part of that movement. I think his books are just packaged and marketed to that crowd. I don't think you have to worry about his theology. Have you ever read one of his books?"

Church member: "No, but I don't have to. I listen to Chuck Colson on the radio and he says the emerging church is dangerous. It's not something we should be messing around with, and the fact that you'd quote an emerging church pastor in your sermon is very alarming."

Pastor: Well, I'd encourage you to ...

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