A few weeks ago Scot McKnight shared how the gospel we preach is having an adverse impact on the church. Last week at the Spiritual Formation Forum he spoke in greater detail about this problem. He called the standard evangelical gospel, outlined below, "right, but not right enough." Essentially, we've watered down the good news in a way that has marginalized the church in God's plan of redemption.

This fact was driven home recently by a friend of mine who teaches at a Christian college. He said a hand in the class went up in the middle of his lecture about the church and culture. The student, in all sincerity, asked, "Do we really need the church?" My friend was struck by the question, and by the fact that the classroom was filled with future church leaders. Something is amiss when even Christian leaders are questioning the necessity of the church. That something, according to McKnight, is the gospel we've been preaching.

Scot McKnight summarized the "Standard Gospel Presentation" this way:

God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.

Your problem is that you are sinful; God can't admit sinners into his presence.

Jesus died for you to deal with your "sin-problem."

If you trust in Christ, you can be admitted into God's presence.

He went on to say that the problems with this popular evangelical gospel include:

1. No one in the New Testament really preaches this gospel.

2. This gospel is about one thing: humans gaining access to God's presence.

3. This gospel creates an individualist Christian life.

4. This gospel sets the tone for the entire evangelical movement.

5. This gospel leads to spiritual formation being entirely about "me and God."

6. The evangelical gospel has created a need for evangelical monasteries.

7. The ...

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