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Fall 2008: Missions Baggage Check

Volume 29, Number 4
What you need and don't need to go missional.
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  • Subscriber Access OnlyMissional to the Max
    Three traditional churches change course by putting their money (as well as their buildings and people) where their mission is.
  • Subscriber Access OnlyMissional Shift or Drift?
    Research shows that pastors' views of the gospel and mission are changing. But should we celebrate or repent?
  • Subscriber Access Only"Showtime!" No More
    Could our church shift from performance to mission?
  • Subscriber Access OnlyFull-Service Facilities
    These churches are using their buildings to make an impact way beyond the weekend.
  • Defining Missional
    The word is everywhere, but where did it come from and what does it really mean?
  • Subscriber Access OnlyA Cast of Thousands
    The mission of the church is not efficiency, but developing all its people.
  • Subscriber Access OnlyGiving Is for Everyone
    How to teach generosity across the economic spectrum.


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