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Spring 2008: New Ways Teams Lead

Volume 29, Number 2
Leading isn't just a one-person job. Here's how it's getting done today.
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  • Ministry Team Diagnostics
    Subscriber Access OnlyMinistry Team Diagnostics
    How to avoid the 5 most common dysfunctions of a ministry team.
  • Subscriber Access OnlyEthnic Blends?
    How do you develop a racially diverse leadership team? Are quotas the right recipe?
  • Subscriber Access OnlyApostles Today?
    Rediscovering the gift that leaves churches and well-connected pastors in its wake.
  • Subscriber Access OnlyWalking in Step
    Elders and ministers can lead successfully together if they share these four priorities.
  • Subscriber Access OnlyParish Without Partners?
    It took a church and a social service agency teaming up to bring good news to a tough Chicago neighborhood.
  • Subscriber Access OnlyDifficult Sermon? Call in a Team
    When the topics get tough, this preacher gets help.
  • Subscriber Access OnlySharing the Driver's Seat
    When pastors team up to write the week's sermon, can they avoid oncoming traffic?
  • Subscriber Access OnlyThree Over-looked Leadership Roles
    We're familiar with pastors and teachers, but today's world needs a leadership team that includes three biblical but forgotten functions.


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