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Spring 2008: New Ways Teams Lead

volume 29, Issue 2

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Ministry Team Diagnostics

Ministry Team Diagnostics

How to avoid the 5 most common dysfunctions of a ministry team.

Ethnic Blends?

How do you develop a racially diverse leadership team? Are quotas the right recipe?

Apostles Today?

Rediscovering the gift that leaves churches and well-connected pastors in its wake.

Walking in Step

Elders and ministers can lead successfully together if they share these four priorities.

Parish Without Partners?

It took a church and a social service agency teaming up to bring good news to a tough Chicago neighborhood.

Difficult Sermon? Call in a Team

When the topics get tough, this preacher gets help.

Sharing the Driver's Seat

When pastors team up to write the week's sermon, can they avoid oncoming traffic?

Three Over-looked Leadership Roles

We're familiar with pastors and teachers, but today's world needs a leadership team that includes three biblical but forgotten functions.


This Is ItSubscriber Access Only

What kind of groundwork leads to real community?

Rethinking "Team" TerminologySubscriber Access Only

More artistic leaders are looking for an alternative to sports metaphors in ministry.

Which Half-Brain Do You Lead With?Subscriber Access Only

Comparing the latest books by Andy Stanley and Tim Keel.


What Are You Focused On?Subscriber Access Only

Prayer ensures the sermon reflects Christ, and not just the preacher.

Why Can't I Shake My Sins?Subscriber Access Only

A surprising answer to a stubborn problem.

Launching a Remarriage MinistrySubscriber Access Only

Saving second marriages before they start.

Preaching to the ChoirSubscriber Access Only

Should unbelieving musicians be allowed to play with the worship team?

Serving Is BelievingSubscriber Access Only

Rallying Christians and non-Christians around community needs may invigorate your outreach.

Bonus Articles

Tending or Processing?

Maybe sustainable agriculture is a better model for church life than a feed lot.

Ministry's Sweet Spot

It wasn't till we attempted the untried and untested that I discovered …
The Spotlight Syndrome

The Spotlight Syndrome

How do you raise a family while leading a church?

My 3x5 Salvation

When words fail, the Word I've memorized is there.

Ministry in the Middle

We asked two PKs who are now raising their own PKs to tell us how they navigate ministry and family life.

The Gospel in All its Forms

Like God, the gospel is both one and more than that.

All Articles

Keeping It Real

Can staged worship "experiences" lead to a false gospel?
Next & Level

Next & Level

After a bad experience with personality-based, top-down leadership, a whole new approach was needed at what is truly The Next Level Church.
Editor's Pick
The Prodigal Daughter

The Prodigal Daughter

What I said when a pastor friend asked me to preach after his daughter strayed.
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