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Spring 2009: Unhooked: Addiction Recovery

Volume 30, Number 2
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  • Subscriber Access OnlyTrouble Brewing
    Is a relaxed attitude toward alcohol among clergy leading to a new battle over prohibition?
  • Subscriber Access OnlyChurch Discipline for Repetitive Sin
    How do you work pastorally with people who are likely to fall again?
  • Subscriber Access OnlyGrowth in the Gutter
    Cultivating spiritual formation in a community of addicts.
  • Subscriber Access OnlyStranded in Neverland
    Consumerism addicts us to immediate gratification and perpetual youth, but the cross lifts us to a more satisfying joy.
  • Subscriber Access OnlyThe Transparent Pastor
    When a pastor struggles with an addiction, who needs to know?
  • Subscriber Access OnlyThe Sin Tamer
    Do we ever get to stop fighting against the evil within?
  • Subscriber Access OnlyCan Your Church Handle the Truth?
    Recovery ministries demand a level of honesty many congregations aren't used to.


  • Subscriber Access OnlyAn Uncomfortable Issue
    The proliferation of vices in our culture means our posture as churches needs to adapt.

    Bonus Article

  • Subscriber Access OnlyPreaching on My Feet
    Could I speak for 35 minutes without ever writing notes?
  • Subscriber Access OnlySpeaking into the Meltdown
    What might God be saying in tough economic times?
  • Subscriber Access OnlyMinistry Lessons from a Muslim
    His unexpected message to church leaders: fully embrace your Christian identity.
  • Subscriber Access OnlyLocally Grown Leadership
    Rather than importing pastors from elsewhere, these churches are discovering the benefits of cultivating new leaders from within.


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