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As Joseph Martin, a clergyman in recovery, writes: "Truly, love is never more precious than when it is regained after it is lost. As they say—love is better the second time around. Passing it on to others then takes on a very special glow. Those who have never felt the curse of addiction cannot comprehend the joy of sobriety. They really don't fully know what it is; they've never lost it."

Today, Dave enjoys ministry once again. He found recovery to be the most difficult work he has ever done, but also something to be treasured. He is open and honest with family, friends, and his congregation.

While some members of his church could not deal with honesty on this level and have moved to other chuches, many others have come forward to acknowledge their own struggles with addiction. He has learned not only the value of being translucent, allowing the light of God in, but also the benefits of being transparent—flaws and all—to those around him.

Jerry L. Law is a certified interventionist and drug, alcohol, and addiction counselor. He serves on the staff of Faith Family Church in Chandler, Arizona.

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Spring 2009: Unhooked: Addiction Recovery  | Posted
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