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Leadership Journal 2010

Volume 31

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Game PlansSubscriber Access Only

How to keep ourselves and our teams focused on the right things

Should Pastors Know What People Give?Subscriber Access Only

A temptation toward favoritism, or a needed discipleship tool?

Pastoral Narcissism

The shadow side of ambition
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Giant Joy

What we want is not joy. What we want is 'unforced' joy.
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What Would St. Francis Say Today?

You grow in grace by following a follower of Jesus.

A Calling ConfirmedSubscriber Access Only

How church planting networks assess and verify whether candidates are, indeed, "called."
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Walking through a Graveyard

There's nothing like an open grave to offer a glimpse of life.

Convergence and other ResourcesSubscriber Access Only

Toolkit: Resources

Sex Offenders: Coming to a Church Near YouSubscriber Access Only

How churches, ready or not, are ministering to society's most despised

The Ambition EngineSubscriber Access Only

Our hopes and dreams fuel our ministry.

Talking Honestly about AlcoholSubscriber Access Only

Wise pastoral care for todays insidious disease.
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Ambitious Like Jesus

If your ambitions aren't worth your life, they're not big enough.
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An Appreciating Asset

There's no downturn in the transforming power of gratitude

Seeing the WaterSubscriber Access Only

A review of Untamed: Reactivating a Missional Form of Discipleship by Alan Hirsch and Debra Hirsch
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3 Things to Know Before Buying a Church Bus

3 tips to remember when shopping for ministry transportation.

A Mighty River or a Slippery Slope?Subscriber Access Only

Examining the cultural and theological forces behind the new interest in justice.
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Vernon Grounds: A Man for All Ages

What is Biblical Justice?Subscriber Access Only

The theology of justice flows from the heart of God.
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Turning the Key on Tech BuysSubscriber Access Only

A guide—and a grid—to process options before you choose one.

Displaying 21–40 of 144 articles

Page 1234...8
Editor's Pick
Changing Notions of Community

Changing Notions of Community

Guiding church in a time of declining attendance.
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