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Leadership Journal 2010

Volume 31

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What to Do With a StrangerSubscriber Access Only

What's the invitation here: "Pray this prayer" or "Follow me"?
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Does More Space Mean Better Ministry?

A new survey shows how and why church are expanding, and to what effect.
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Who Speaks for You?

Do Christians even need a unified voice?
Leading a Church in Prayer ...

Leading a Church in Prayer ...Subscriber Access Only

... deserves thoughtful preparation.

The People and the Black Book Subscriber Access Only

One church's attempt to do justly
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In the Justice Business

Where does human justice end and divine justice begin?

Three Faces of Graceful JusticeSubscriber Access Only

These churches are combining justice and evangelism.
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Despite Struggles, Hopeful Signs for Finances in Christian Households

View from the Pew survey shows commitment to debt management, tithing
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Hearing the Boom

Can churches offer more to the retiring seniors in our midst?
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We are each a picture that's missing a few pieces?

The "We" We Want to BeSubscriber Access Only

The most important growth is not a "me" thing but a "we" thing.

Knowing God through Story and ImaginationSubscriber Access Only

A review of "Word Pictures" by Brian Godawa.

Your Most Important ConversationSubscriber Access Only

Each week, debrief with yourself and God. Here's how.

This is Your Brain on PornSubscriber Access Only

The science behind the struggle, and how the church can help.
Incremental Preaching

Incremental PreachingSubscriber Access Only

Many pastors want "fast acting" sermons. But what brings lasting transformation is a steady, intentional plan for the pulpit.
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Category Confusion

Is the question for Christians "Out or In?" or "Farther or Closer?"

Thy Kingdom ComeSubscriber Access Only

Why repentance is always good news.
Let's Live What We Teach

Let's Live What We Teach

What we expect from leaders, why we name specific sins, and how that's working out.

Flipping the SwitchSubscriber Access Only

A review of "Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard" by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.
Control Tweaks

Control TweaksSubscriber Access Only

The right combination of structure and empowerment moved this church toward maturity.

Displaying 61–80 of 144 articles

Page 3456...8
Reader's Pick
The Gift of Volunteers

The Gift of Volunteers

Operation Christmas Child’s Randy Riddle on growing and cultivating your volunteers.
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