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April Web Exclusives 2010

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A Closer Look at "Lean" Church Staffs

Identifying churches that spend less than 35 percent on staff

Herod the Great; Jesus the Fit (part 1)

Visiting Israel changed my view of two people I thought I knew.

Herod the Great; Jesus the Fit (part 2)

While one left behind impressive buildings, the other demonstrated a fitness that is mysteriously transferable.

The Volcanic Spirit

One eruption can contaminate your inner space for a l-o-n-g time.
Today's Most Devalued Virtue

Today's Most Devalued Virtue

Why is a once honored leadership trait now despised?

Rob Bell: Be Set Free

How much is enough? That question usually refers to wealth and material consumption. But what about regarding ministry?

Craig Groeschel: Pastoral Practical Atheists

It was a chronic problem for the people of Israel. They honored God with their actions and rituals, but their hearts were far from him. Have we fallen into the same trap?

Andy Stanley: Your Only Authority

"Everybody is a volunteer." Since anyone can leave at any time depending on the authenticity of our moral authority, that is how we should see those we lead - even the paid employees.

The Hansen Report: Is 26 the New 18?

What the health insurance reforms tell us about the new age of adult accountability.

Tuesdays with Tozer–Simplicity

Seeking Christ in an age of complexity.

Tuesdays With Tozer- Worship

The true nature of worship.
Editor's Pick
The Secret of Strategic Neglect

The Secret of Strategic Neglect

Bill Hybels on the keys to simpler and more effective leadership.
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