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Fall 2010: Ambitions

volume 31, Issue 4

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The Ambition EngineSubscriber Access Only

Our hopes and dreams fuel our ministry.

A Calling ConfirmedSubscriber Access Only

How church planting networks assess and verify whether candidates are, indeed, "called."

Pastoral Narcissism

The shadow side of ambition

Church Growth vs. Church Seasons

Not every church is in the "my, how you've grown" stage, and that's okay.

Love the Ones You're WithSubscriber Access Only

Fantasizing about the congregation you wish you had isn't ambition, but sin.

Interrupted by a GorillaSubscriber Access Only

What happens when a teaching church becomes a calling church.


Greening the Food DesertSubscriber Access Only

Currents: news you can use


The Particular CallSubscriber Access Only

Perceiving God's intention for my life.

Ministry Crucified, ResurrectedSubscriber Access Only

Two books on the death and new life of our ministry.

Motorcycles and World CupsSubscriber Access Only

Life without ambition isn't what God wants from us.


Talking Honestly about AlcoholSubscriber Access Only

Wise pastoral care for todays insidious disease.

Convergence and other ResourcesSubscriber Access Only

Toolkit: Resources

Should Pastors Know What People Give?Subscriber Access Only

A temptation toward favoritism, or a needed discipleship tool?

Giving Debit Its DueSubscriber Access Only

A new tool that can help with online giving without tempting those who abuse credit cards.

Facebook Sermon PrepSubscriber Access Only

Toolkit: Preaching

Bonus Articles

Sex Offenders: Coming to a Church Near YouSubscriber Access Only

How churches, ready or not, are ministering to society's most despised

Your Regular CheckupSubscriber Access Only

If a "physical" is important, so is a "spiritual"

An Unspoiled ViewSubscriber Access Only

Following Jesus means learning to see truth behind the appearances.

Big Fish & Small TownsSubscriber Access Only

The surprising benefits of ministry in out-of-the-way places.


Dropped Calls

Dropped Calls

Avoid Repeated Mistakes

Avoid Repeated Mistakes

A Rude Bird

A Rude Bird

Preoccupied with Numbers

Preoccupied with Numbers

Consider the Tweets

Consider the Tweets

A Simplified Logo

A Simplified Logo

Our Church Has Grown

Our Church Has Grown

All Articles

Game PlansSubscriber Access Only

How to keep ourselves and our teams focused on the right things

The Glory DriveSubscriber Access Only

Godly ambitions lead to life, if we don't settle for the counterfeit, self-glory.

Matching-making Ministry?Subscriber Access Only

Should churches encourage younger marriage?
Editor's Pick
The Prodigal Daughter

The Prodigal Daughter

What I said when a pastor friend asked me to preach after his daughter strayed.
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