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Spring 2010: Got Maturity?

Volume 31, Number 2
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  • The Dirt on Organic
    Small volunteer-led congregations are gaining popularity and making an impact. But they require more spadework than you realize.
  • A Repenting Church
    How one congregation turned (and continues to turn) from its sins.
  • Control Tweaks
    The right combination of structure and empowerment moved this church toward maturity.
  • Let's Live What We Teach
    What we expect from leaders, why we name specific sins, and how that's working out.
  • Incremental Preaching
    Many pastors want "fast acting" sermons. But what brings lasting transformation is a steady, intentional plan for the pulpit.
  • The "We" We Want to Be
    The most important growth is not a "me" thing but a "we" thing.


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