Is It Time to Start a New Service?
Whether it’s the music, the time, the day, or the location, one worship service cannot be all things to all people. Effective church leaders know that reaching new “people groups” requires adding new services. The following questions provide clues to whether it’s time to consider adding a new style worship service in your church. And just because you may need a new service is no guarantee that it will be successful. These questions will also help you determine if your church is ready to take that next step toward growth.
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The lack of “conversion growth” in our church over the past 3+ years concerns me.

Our present worshippers are homogenous in age, ethnicity, and/or spiritual maturity.

Our worship attendance has plateaued over the past 3+ years.

Leaders say they wish for more (fill-in-the-blank) kind of people in the church.

Over 90% of our first-time visitors do not come back.

Leaders (or gatekeepers) in the church resist changes in the existing service/s.

People ask for more of (fill-in-the-blank) or less of (fill-in-the-blank) in the service/s.

I feel a desire to reach new “kinds” of people, but am aware (when I'm honest with myself) that it probably won’t happen in the present service/s.

The growth potential of our church, with its present program and worship style, is limited.

The interior of our worship center/sanctuary is significantly dated when compared to the typical building interiors in our community.

The staff, leaders, and members of our church are passionate about reaching unchurched people.

The leadership is willing to take a high-visibility risk in pursuit of this passion.

Our church has a passion for the particular target group the new service will focus on.

We have a clear understanding of our theological negotiables and non-negotiables (i.e., what we’re willing to give up).

We have an assimilation system (classes, groups, etc.) for the new target audience.

We know how to successfully start a new service.

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