A few weeks ago I had lunch with Darren Whitehead from Willow Creek. Darren is a great bloke (I can say that because he's an Aussie), and we talked candidly about our experiences in the church, in leadership, and the way we see church adapting to the shifting culture. Toward the end of our lunch he asked me if I'd ever considering working on a church staff again. "I've learned never to say never," I replied, "but it would have to be a very different kind of church."

"Like what?" he asked. I rattled off some half-baked answer, but his question has lingered in my mind. What kind of church would I want to help lead?

As I've ruminated on that question, I've gone back and read a number of articles, blog posts, and editorials I've written in the past few years–pieces about the church's narrow definition of mission, the tendency to over-institutionalize church, the false-belief that perpetuity equal success, rediscovering a theology of vocation, and the danger of making mission an idol at the expense of communion with God.

With all of these ingredients now in the mixing bowl of my mind, I've decided to give a more than half-baked answer to Darren's question. What follows is not a complete recipe but an experiment. It's my way of welcoming other cooks into my mental kitchen. I want your thoughts and feedback. Am I on to something, or am I completely out to lunch? And please don't take these ideas as a criticism of other models of church. God has used, and will continue to use, many different churches to accomplish his purposes.

I am calling this experiment Church365365, and so far I've outlined 5 ingredients. Here's the first:

Ingredient One: Institutional Impermanence

Elsewhere I've written about the "perpetuity problem"–the belief that ...

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