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Summer 2011: Authority Issues

volume 32, Issue 3

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Redeeming Authority

Teaching with genuine authority spurs growth and awakens desire for God.

Glad You AskedSubscriber Access Only

Max Lucado on the power of questions, pastoral authority, and giving a firm word of correction.

Authority Deficit DisorderSubscriber Access Only

Why having to earn your authority is a good thing.

From Relevant Dude to Spiritual Father

Baby Boomers wanted pastors who were "with it," competent, efficient. A new generation is looking for something very different.
Next Generation Needs

Next Generation Needs

Leading Millennials requires exercising a different type of authority.

Spreading the Word

How team teaching helped our church and saved my ministry.

Pastor in the Present TenseSubscriber Access Only

Your place and essential identity.

When an Elder isn't on BoardSubscriber Access Only

What to do when key leaders aren't giving financially to the church.
When You're Undermined

When You're Undermined

What happens when someone disrespects, undermines, or outright defies your pastoral authority?


Rx for Spiritual A.D.D.

Rx for Spiritual A.D.D.

Interview with Richard Foster

Tweet This

Churches are putting social media to good use.

The Ultimate "No Brainer"Subscriber Access Only



The Young GunsSubscriber Access Only

Review of Don't Call it a Comeback

Time to BreatheSubscriber Access Only


How Prayer Transforms PrepSubscriber Access Only

Toolkit: Preaching

Bonus Articles

Making Ministers of InmatesSubscriber Access Only

Unlocking the potential of the church within Angola prison.

Choosing WellSubscriber Access Only

Discernment comes from aligning memory, imagination, and will.

The Introverted Leader

Even if you struggle to be a "people person," you have much to offer the church.

Three Irrational Beliefs ...Subscriber Access Only

that I constantly have to fight
Bubble Wrapped

Bubble WrappedSubscriber Access Only

Can a pastor escape the insulation of the christian subculture?

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When You're UnderminedSubscriber Access Only

What happens when someone disrespects, undermines, or outright defies your pastoral authority?
Reader's Pick
Missional Living in a Fraternity

Missional Living in a Fraternity

What it takes to go with Jesus into unlikely parts of the world.
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