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Millennials refuse to sit on the sidelines. They want to be part of the action, or they'll be gone. A church without opportunities for the next generation is boring at best and disobedient at worst.

Contrary to the stereotype, most Millennials are not scared off by hard work. In fact, one of the best ways to keep them engaged is to communicate a large vision, worthy of their devotion, and then set high expectations.

This next generation is hungry for leadership, but of the right kind. Church leaders must reach out to Millennials without "selling" them something. They must inspire an older generation to loosen their grip on the methods of yesterday, and think of themselves as missionaries to the world of postmodern people. These leaders must be authoritative without being authoritarian, decisive without being dominant.

This next generation desires to be led. They are willing to follow if given a chance to make a difference. Unify them with other generations. And give them meaningful opportunities to participate in God's work in the world.

—Sam S. Rainer III is president of Rainer Research.

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Ben Hood

February 26, 2013  7:39am

I'm a millennial. Is it just me or does this article make us sound like a bunch of dim-witted narcissists with attention spans of a goldfish :) I'd say Jesus is the most important thing we need to let anyone know about! From my Church, I want the wisdom and knowledge from my Elders, my ministers... I want to pick their brain and learn frm them, I want to Know Christ! I'm sure a lot of others want that too.

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Grace Kong

December 26, 2011  4:53pm

this articles remind me of the rapid changes of American next generation

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