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Winter 2011: Crisis!

volume 32, Issue 1

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Molten MomentsSubscriber Access Only

From the editor

Don't Waste a CrisisSubscriber Access Only

Crises, while unwanted, are windows of opportunity for the Cure of Souls.

When Bad Things Happen to Good RelationshipsSubscriber Access Only

Conflict occurs over things you least expect. Here's what you can do.

Wounded & DangerousSubscriber Access Only

This church takes a hit, then comes out fighting. Can they ever find peace?

Breaking Point

One pastor's story of pain, porn, addiction, and redemption

Monday Hello

How do you respond when people leave yours for another church nearby?


Pastor Blames Facebook For DivorcesSubscriber Access Only



Power in Small PackagesSubscriber Access Only

Review of The Gifts of the Small Church

Thruway or Partway?Subscriber Access Only

Afraid of the Gospel?Subscriber Access Only


A Good CallSubscriber Access Only

Toolkit Office

Pay UpSubscriber Access Only

Toolkit Office

Bonus Articles

The Golden CanonSubscriber Access Only

2010 Leadership Book Awards

To Transform a CitySubscriber Access Only

How do you know if you're reaching a city?

My Rookie SeasonSubscriber Access Only

What I learned in my first year as a pastor.

Light in Your EyesSubscriber Access Only

Accountability is easy, until you hear what you don't want to hear.

Ministry MulligansSubscriber Access Only

If I had it to do all over again ...


A Word of Thanks

A Word of Thanks

Leadership Style

Leadership Style

A Negative Momentum

A Negative Momentum

All Articles

Preemptive PeaceSubscriber Access Only

To survive conflict, churches and pastors must prepare before one arises.

A Random Act of ViolenceSubscriber Access Only

How one church is healing from congregational trauma.

Can Christianity Be Cool?Subscriber Access Only

An interview with Brett McCracken

Leadership in the CitySubscriber Access Only

How do you know if you're reaching a city?
Editor's Pick
The Secret of Strategic Neglect

The Secret of Strategic Neglect

Bill Hybels on the keys to simpler and more effective leadership.
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