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Leadership Journal 2012

Volume 33

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Love Needs No Justification

Love Needs No JustificationSubscriber Access Only

John Stott's writings clarify the relationship between evangelism and social justice.
Undercover Pastor?
online only

Undercover Pastor?Subscriber Access Only

Don't keep appreciation for your team a secret.
Acting Like Jesus

Acting Like JesusSubscriber Access Only

An unlikely theatrical role enabled me to connect with unbelievers.
Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Leaders
online only

Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Leaders

Time-tested practices to ensure complete and utter failure.
Linstantly a Leader
online only

Linstantly a LeaderSubscriber Access Only

What we can learn from Jeremy Lin's sudden rise to leadership.
Rod and Reel, or Net?

Rod and Reel, or Net?Subscriber Access Only

What it means to catch in community.
A 'Move' in the Right Direction

A 'Move' in the Right DirectionSubscriber Access Only

A new book takes a closer look at how churches foster spiritual growth.
Transforming Service

Transforming Service

How do your service efforts introduce people to Jesus?
    I (Finally) Do

    I (Finally) DoSubscriber Access Only

    Cohabitating couples treated to free church wedding.
    Higher Stakes Friendship
    online only

    Higher Stakes Friendship

    Five rules that allow friends to be real friends.
    The Gospel in Contexts

    The Gospel in ContextsSubscriber Access Only

    Religious and secular audiences require very different approaches.
    Great Humility

    Great HumilitySubscriber Access Only

    The power of a neglected virtue
    Epic Fail

    Epic FailSubscriber Access Only

    How can pastors be encouraged to embrace their failures and redefine ministry success?
    Six Reasons Young People Leave the Church

    Six Reasons Young People Leave the Church

    Barna President David Kinnaman examines the trend.
    The Soul of Steve Jobs

    The Soul of Steve Jobs

    What would it have taken to reach the Apple founder's core?
    Mark on Marriage
    online only

    Mark on Marriage

    Mark Driscoll discusses his motivations for co-authoring a new book on marriage.
    In Search of "Biblical Symmetry"

    In Search of "Biblical Symmetry"Subscriber Access Only

    A faithful witness requires service and evangelism.
    The Fall

    The FallSubscriber Access Only

    How a near-fatal climbing accident forced me to rethink ministry--and the rest of my life.
    The 2011 Leadership Book Awards

    The 2011 Leadership Book AwardsSubscriber Access Only

    We highly recommend these titles as you strive to develop your leadership gifts.
    Hope Matters
    online only

    Hope MattersSubscriber Access Only

    Rediscover a powerful source of energy and rest.

    Displaying 121–140 of 142 articles

    Page 5678
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    What I Learned in the Fire

    What I Learned in the Fire

    When pastoring a church plant became a living hell, I thought I was done with ministry.
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