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We have a lot of talking heads in the church, but too few examples. We need leaders willing to get their hands dirty, to do what most people aren't willing to do. That's what I'm trying to do.

I'm not always successful in my efforts or perfectly consistent, but I'm doing something. And only when I'm leading by example can I expect others to do something too.

Kelly Brady is pastor of Glen Ellyn Bible Church in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

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From Issue:Ministry's Core, Fall 2012 | Posted: December 31, 2012

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Jason Phillips

January 11, 2013  1:43pm

I love the pastor's initial comments about leading by example. There are far too many pastors who are very capable teachers and they can teach someone how to tie their shoes but can't tie their own shoes. However, what Pastor Kelly shared is not how people live. Professional clergy live in a very protective bubble and I think our goal is to live outside of that. To be in relationship with others, to share our lives with others, and in doing so teach them what it means to be a disciple. A tract doesn't naturally lead to discipleship but conversations and shared lives with friends does. This way of evangelism is free and easy but much more time consuming than handing out tracts. I'm never uncomfortable sharing Jesus with others; in fact, it's life giving. The beauty of going and sharing with our friends is that we can actually know the fruit of our efforts. We can know what barriers others have in accepting the Gospel. We can participate with God in His pursuit of others.

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Rick C

January 09, 2013  10:43am

Kelly, cell alarm is set! Thanks for the idea and encouragement!

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Daniel NYC

January 07, 2013  9:24pm

I find the comments and opinions here are all important in how to be more active in sharing the Good News. Being opened to new innovative ideas in how to be more effective in witnessing to the lost souls. We do agree that we wont agree on all ideas but the ultimate goal being lead by the Holy Spirit and utilizing the scriptures like a surgeon uses his cutting tool. To penetrate the heart of the lost, is what I can take from you God fearing folks. May God continue pouring out his wisdom and innovative ideas on us all his children. To bring does that know him not. God's grace be with us all. And God save America.

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Rick Dalbey

January 07, 2013  1:34pm

Hal, every church involved informed their members and then encouraged word of mouth. Here is their website. http://www.northwestgreatawakening.org/ Dan Mickelson and Denny Cline are the two pastors who have been leading the efforts. They have no agenda or denomination beyond bringing people to faith to Jesus. We did this again in June in my Portland suburb of Beaverton and scores were saved again and I had the privilege of leading 3 people to Jesus in a shopping mall. It started out as a Vineyard Church and Foursquare effort (2 pastors who were friends who had a burden for evangelism) and became a movement in Oregon. San Francisco (my old stomping grounds) is much like Portland. What we discovered is the power of the gospel. Instead of trying to dress it up or manipulate people, we have relied on the power of the Holy Spirit and the power of the word of God. You can contact me at rickd@freerange-adv.com.

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January 07, 2013  12:53pm

Pastor KELLY, thank you for your courageous witness! May God bring the growth for the inspired seeds you planted! RICK Dalbey, your Portland experience sounds great! Fasting, prayer and the Holy Spirit would have been awesome to experience. Here in San Francisco, we need efforts like this. Can you share two things: 1. A summary or link to your "Brief training about evangelism..." that was held during the meeting? 2. How the invitation was made to gather the 300 evangelists? Even a copy of the invitation would be helpful. Many thanks and blessings in Christ!

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