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Spring 2012: Spiritual Warfare

volume 33, Issue 2

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From The Editor

Spiritual War Vets

Spiritual War Vets

Spiritual warfare is part of our world and therefore part of our ministry.


Fighting the Good Fight

Fighting the Good Fight

What does the Bible mean by "spiritual warfare"?
Diagnosing the Demonic

Diagnosing the Demonic

Can you recognize the presence of evil spirits?
Removing Demonic Oppression

Removing Demonic OppressionSubscriber Access Only

Steps to freeing those under the unwanted influence.
Engaging the Enemy

Engaging the Enemy

5 church leaders describe a time when they encountered spiritual warfare
My Unsought Calling

My Unsought CallingSubscriber Access Only

I didn't seek this aspect of ministry, but to refuse it would have been unfaithful.
Cleaning House

Cleaning HouseSubscriber Access Only

Inner healing involves addressing psychological and spiritual issues.
A Contested Universe

A Contested UniverseSubscriber Access Only

In the end, Satan loses. But until then, we're in for a battle.
Making Space for the Spirit

Making Space for the SpiritSubscriber Access Only

How one church recognized spiritual warfare and the means God provides for victory.
Air Attack

Air AttackSubscriber Access Only

When the atmosphere of your group turns toxic, it might be the work of a malevolent spirit.
The Foe in the Foyer

The Foe in the Foyer

A visitor to our church had an unwanted guest


Not So Bad News

Not So Bad News Subscriber Access Only

A new book reveals good news about the state of our world.
Best in Show

Best in ShowSubscriber Access Only

News you can use
The Facts and the Furious

The Facts and the Furious

News you can use


The Bible's Remedies Against Satan's Devices

The Bible's Remedies Against Satan's DevicesSubscriber Access Only

Invoking the Word of God is essential in battling the evil one.
Get Behind Me, Satan!

Get Behind Me, Satan!Subscriber Access Only

Satan's disdain for humanity runs deep.
Winged Enemies

Winged Enemies

We are engaged in a battle with unseen forces.


Training for "One Pitch" Preachers

Training for "One Pitch" PreachersSubscriber Access Only

If you're stuck in a rut, this is how to mix things up.

Bonus Articles

Measuring What Matters

Measuring What MattersSubscriber Access Only

Despite the barriers, churches are finding effective metrics of soul transformation.
Losing my Edge

Losing my EdgeSubscriber Access Only

When your initial enthusiasm fades, you need a plan if you're going to bring your best to your calling
Invisible Needs

Invisible NeedsSubscriber Access Only

When churches embrace the disabled, everyone benefits.
Praying that Makes a Difference

Praying that Makes a Difference

Whether from the pulpit, or Ground Zero, pastoral prayer changes things


Focusing on the Negative

Focusing on the NegativeSubscriber Access Only

Expressing Doubts

Expressing DoubtsSubscriber Access Only

Prideful Pastor

Prideful PastorSubscriber Access Only

Time Off

Time OffSubscriber Access Only

Unresolved Conflict

Unresolved ConflictSubscriber Access Only

Important Issues

Important IssuesSubscriber Access Only

All Articles

Spiritual Warfare ResourcesSubscriber Access Only

These books were recommended by those contributing to this issue of Leadership Journal.
Editor's Pick
The Prodigal Daughter

The Prodigal Daughter

What I said when a pastor friend asked me to preach after his daughter strayed.
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