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Redeeming Church Conflicts: Turning Crisis into Compassion and Care
(Baker, 2012) Tara Barthel and David C. Edling

The Facts: Barthel and Edling tackle a subject most would prefer to ignore yet all have to face. Drawing from their experience with Peacemaker Ministries, the authors face the reality of conflict within churches head-on, including the devastating effects unresolved conflicts have on congregants and mission. But this is ultimately a book about redemption. Hope permeates each chapter. Multiple case studies provide nice balance to the theology and advice.

The Slant: Does anyone actually want to think about conflict? We pastors are especially prone to avoid this subject, unless it's staring us in the face. But lest this book sound like the word equivalent of broccoli (you'll eat it, but won't like it), be assured that it's more like a hearty dinner with family. Yes, there are some hard realities to face, such as our own complicity in conflicts, but there's much to enjoy as well. The book is theologically rich, seasoned with wisdom that comes from years in the trenches of church conflict. The hope here is powerful: even our conflicts become opportunities for the gospel's redemptive work.

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From Issue:Transformation, Summer 2012 | Posted: August 27, 2012

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Yonas Mengesha

August 31, 2012  2:52pm

Thank you so much . i am a newly married christian ,i read some of your articles regarding marraige and i found it is so interesting ,i think there is a possibility for me and my wife together get those materials and down load study,i am an Ethiopian living in the capital and my wife is from Canada hopefuly we will have your copies soon,well we took a seven weeks cource from our local church which was helpful ,but to grow more in marraige we believe we need an extra support like your study guide .well my wife and i living in a separet place half way round the world ,she use to come every six month to visit me ,this year would be her third time accualy we applied for the canadian Embassy to grant me visa to be able to live together and hopefuly it will take thirty month to get the process done ,having wait on that we really need your study guide while she is with me this coming september ,well me and my wife use to go to one of the international church called Beza international church

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