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As 2013 closes, it's time for a little retrospection. For editors, that means looking at completed publishing schedules with a sigh of satisfaction, and marking the highlights.

We've worked hard this year. Our editors traveled all over the United States, to Europe, and to the Middle East in search of the stories modern pastors need to hear. We've attended ministry conferences, visited small-town churches, and sat in mega-church stadiums. We've sat over coffee and meals with everyday ministers in unique situations. We've written books, advocated in Washington D.C., preached, worshipped, tweeted, discipled, and were in turn discipled by others. We've moved to a new publishing strategy, bringing Leadership Journal to you every month instead of just once a quarter. All this, with our small staff, is an achievement well worthy of popping a New Year cork!

And the hard work has paid off. Our readers have been engaging and sharing our content on and offline more than ever. This year saw pageviews to our redesigned site more than double. Our content shines, and you and your peers are engaging it (stay tuned for our upcoming "Reader's Pick" list of popular articles).

But sometimes readers wonder what our personal favorites are—are there any standouts? The answer is yes. Every single piece we published this year was good. But some rise above the rest, because of their timeliness, their timelessness, or their sheer quality of prose or story. Of these, here are our year-end favorites, in no particular order, for your enjoyment, and edification.

Paul Pastor is Leadership Journal's associate editor.

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Posted: December 19, 2013

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December 28, 2013  11:27pm

The list is very helpful.

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Mark Carabas

December 20, 2013  10:55am

That's a great lineup.

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