The holidays, a traditional season of generosity, are a good time to get perspective on how much money evangelicals are giving away. New numbers from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability shed light on our wallets. Says the ECFA:

Giving to evangelical churches and ministries outpaced giving to secular charities in 2012. The Chronicle of Philanthropy's recently released giving data for the largest 400 charities in America reflected a giving increase of 4 percent for 2012, compared with 2011. This data most closely correlates with giving to ECFA members with $25 million or more in revenue, which showed a 7.5 percent increase.

CT's Gleanings sums up the report, which

" … reveals that charitable giving to more than 1,600 of its accredited organizations increased 6.4 percent last year. Donations reached $11 billion in 2012, compared to $10.3 billion in 2011 …
The biggest winners among 28 categories: foundations (up 25%), adoption (up 12.2%), K-12 education (up 12%), short-term missions (up 12.1%), and higher education (10%). The presence of education among the top five is notable, given the segment has seen one of the biggest declines since 2007."

Seems like generosity is on the rise again, just in time for Christmas.

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