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The community is also a tool of conversion. We need to find people already among us who have been there, who have wrestled with God on these issues and found both love and truth.

Everyone craves love. Many people have lived with years of rejection as a result of their sexuality. Unconditional love can heal the hurts they've experienced and point the way to following Jesus in spirit and in truth.

Peyton Jones is the founder of New Breed Church Planting and author of Church Zero (David C. Cook, 2013).

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From Issue:Sexual Tensions, Fall 2013 | Posted: October 14, 2013

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December 18, 2013  4:29pm

Very well said...the gospel is for all. Far too often we prefer to be pharisees and judge the fruit before the Spirit has even begun to transform someone. The church (including me) has a horrific record on preaching salvation by grace through faith to the LGBT community. Too often it's a message of change to be acceptable to us before we tell you how to connect with Jesus.

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December 18, 2013  11:09am

Beautifully stated and biblically sound. I agree 100%. Thank you for helping me as I struggle with how to love gay people as an expression of--not a compromise of--the Gospel.

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Adam Krestan

December 16, 2013  8:24pm

What exactly do you mean by "encounter with Jesus"?

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Peyton Jones

December 11, 2013  7:39am

Shannon, I believe if somebody asks a spiritual leader a question, then we are obligated to answer it honestly. I'm not suggesting disingenuity, nor even being silent where God speaks. We'll be starting Romans in the New Year. No getting around those passages, and it's not my role to apologize for what scripture says. The woman that I talked about in the article asked me point blank and we gave her the honest answer. That's what she really wanted. She was in trouble over her soul, and said that she kept getting different answers and wanted to know what God said, not people's opinions. Secondly, as far as attending a church and not repenting, I would gauge where the person is on their spiritual journey. Have they had a spiritual encounter with Jesus yet?

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Adam Krestan

December 07, 2013  8:29pm

While I agree here that we must show endless love to everyone, that we must minister to the sinners, and that we must reach out to the dirty ends of society, to drug users and the like, I do not think it is helpful to diminish in any way the fact that by believing the Gospel, we are giving up every part of ourselves to God, even our homosexuality. It sends the wrong message to people of the current culture when we say "we love you and accept you" alone, because most people today perceive that to mean "we accept you just the way you are, and require no change". The Gospel is both the greatest, most wonderful truth and the greatest, most difficult truth to accept, and when you take away either of those paradoxical ends you cease to have the Gospel at all. The Gospel is all about acceptance, but it is also all about total submission. It is ultimately all about God, not us. I disagree with Bonhoeffer about a pious church. If a church is pious, that means it is focused on God. That's good.

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